Burn Baby Burn

So, after finishing Lie to Me I checked out Burn Notice.  Amazon always recommends it for me and I was getting bored with seeing the pictures and not knowing what it was about.

This is what I have to show for Seasons One and Two.

My May socks using the pattern Sunday Swing from Knitty and 2 balls of Maizy in the colourway Hot Feet.  I didn’t notice how different the colours were in the socks until I put them on to take a photo, but I can’t check to see if I had different dyelots as I threw out the ball bands and the recycling has been collected already.  For the first time ever with Maizy this colour stained my hands as I knit it, very strange, I must remember to hand wash them the first time and not to wear sandals the day after I wear them the first time as no doubt I will have red feet…

The pattern is really easy and quick once you get into a groove.  I added an extra repeat to the cuff and was worried for a little bit that I would run out of yarn on the foot but I was fine and there is a little bit of each ball left to be added to the sock yarn blanket.

Season 3 of Burn Notice has so far yielded up to the waist of the second front of the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan, a toe and 3 pattern repeats of my June socks (knit with Fixation which I’ve not used in ages and ages) and about 2o odd rows of  Bloom, so not too shabby.  I need to get on with the short rows of the Flutter Sleeve cardigan if I want to get it done this month and also get the back blocking as the cotton/linen mix will take a few days to dry.  If I really push on with it I may still get it done this month but it will probably be done early next month I’d think as the other projects on the needles are holding my attention more firmly right now.

I did manage to get something sewn over the weekend which the boys were away.  I revisited Simplicity 4589 which I made 3 times in 2006.  This pattern was all over the blogs back then and everyone and their Mother was making versions of it.  I made a square neck, round neck and sleeveless version myself and wore and wore them.  I still have all of them but they’re a little tight at the moment being pre-Piggle (my weight is doing downwards again so hopefully I will get into them by the end of the summer).  I used a bigger size for this version and also added some length (I think 2 inches, but it might have been more, I can’t remember now).

Yep, it’s the mushroom fabric which was supposed to be 2 other shirts before finally becoming this one.  The second pattern I chose for it also needed more fabric than I had but this one was just right.

It’s funny how sewing skills change over time and not always for the better.  I don’t remember having any problems with the shirts I made back then, I just got on with them and whipped them out.  This time around though I found it quite a struggle to get the neckband on and right.  I don’t know if it was because I didn’t interface it (the fabric is quite thick) but if it was it wasn’ t the only issue, the markings on the pattern itself didn’t make any sense for some of the gathers.  I got there eventually but I had to put it down and walk away for a little break a few times.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out and I’m looking forward to wearing it.  When I put it away I remembered my least favourite thing about this pattern, it will not stay on a hanger easily!

I still have a few more things I’d like to get sewn this month and I really want to get my list finished, or at least to a point where there are only 2 or 3 things left that I can carry over to a new list.  I have about 4 projects out already for the next list but so far I have managed not to be tempted too much to get started on them!


One thought on “Burn Baby Burn

  1. I love those socks…I have so many socks in my queue – some I’ve already got the yarn for…

    …love the shirt too – very cute!

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