Are There STILL Things Left On The List?!?

Man, one thing I have learnt over and over again about this list making is that if the list is too long it becomes harder and harder to stick to it and work on it.  In the future I will be making sure that I don’t put too many things on each list.  This one has just plodded and plodded on.  Each time I feel like I’m making progress I go back and look at it and realise just how far I still have to go.

Anyway, I will get there one day and to finish off May I have crossed 2 more things off.

Final pair of summer pajamas for Piggle, leaving me with 1 pair still left to do for Jim.

Piggle really liked the pajama bottoms I made for him (with an appliqued shop bought t-shirt) last summer and I seem to never run out of this fabric so I made him another pair for this summer.  This fabric was really odd to work with making these and I’m wondering if the issues I had with the mushroom shirt was because of the fabric too.  I have made god knows how many pairs of these pajamas from this pattern and for each of the sleeves on this pair I had to fight to get them eased in without creasing the fabric.  It also didn’t press very well which gave a less neat finish than I’m used to (and annoyed me a lot working on the neckband of the mushroom shirt too).  Anyway, Piggle loved these and wore them to bed the night I finished them so it was worth the fight.  Pattern is Kwik Sew 3126.  Seriously, I think this is the most used pattern in my entire huge collection!

Next up I decided to do the owl outfit for Piggle.  As I explained in the list post I dyed the fabric when he was little intending to make dungarees for him out of it.  By the time I got around to digging out the pattern I wanted to use there wasn’t enough fabric (I only had a yard) so I had to find something else to do with it.

This is Onion 20035 which I’ve used for Jim a few times (although I had to trace a smaller size for Piggle).  It’s not so clear in the picture but the neckband of the t-shirt (which has long sleeves) is green.  The ribbing I dyed with these fabrics came out a totally different shade from the cord and the knit and I didn’t have anything else in the right shade to hand.  Looking at the owls fabric I noticed that some of the owls were green and I had some green almost exactly the same shade in my basket of ribbing so on it went!

These are really easy patterns.  As I was making the t-shirt I began to wonder just how many kids t-shirts I have made in the last 8 years.  Off the top of my head I can think of about 15 in the boys’ drawers at the moment and they’ve worn out or grown out of many many more along the way.  Making t-shirts is something I do without thinking now, it’s very relaxing sewing as I just let my mind wander and get on with it.  Mind you, if I’m not in the mood for them it’s the most boring sewing ever and I put it off over and over again!

Close-up of the print.  This is my favourite PRR print ever.  It took me years to get my hands on some and then I only got this single yard of cord (and some offcuts of knit but not enough to really do anything with sadly).  I am really happy with the way these trousers turned out.  I made them a bit bigger than he needs them so he can wear them this winter.  He’s just grown into all the trousers I made for Jim when he was 4 so he doesn’t really need anything else at the moment, but come winter when he’s an inch taller he’s going to be short on trousers!

I cut out a few other projects and traced a couple of patterns to get ready for the next few things on the list.  I do have to admit though that I’m now about 10 items or more into making the next list which is something that is inspiring me to get done with this one (and, yes, to cheat)!  The boys are with their Dad for 3 nights this Half Term though so I will hopefully get a few more things crossed off the list.

Knitting has been going slowly.  I have stalled on the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan as I think I did something wrong on the front with the short rows and until I figure out what it was I can’t make the other side match.  Everything else is showing progress, I just have to try to stay focussed and not just cast on for something else because I’m bored!

Tomorrow is the start of Me Made June ’11.  I’m a little apprehensive.  It’s been years since I’ve put my photo on the internet and I’ve not actually figured out where I’m going to take the daily photo yet.  I don’t actually own a full length mirror so I’m sure I’m in for some surprises as to how I actually look in my clothes.  Maybe it will inspire me to keep going on the weight loss or maybe I will have some happy surprises about how some things look, we will see.  I am still hoping for some hot weather so I can break out the skirts and maybe a dress but there will definitely be a lot of jeans and cardigans along the way I’m sure.  It will give me a reason to dig out some of my older knits though that don’t see the light of day much and to see if they go with anything I own now!

See you tomorrow!

PS In case you’re wondering, there are 14 things still left on the current list I’m working from….


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