Well Howdy

I tell you, I am no photographer.  I can get lucky sometimes and get a good shot of the boys or some pretty scenery, but when it comes to taking an interesting and flattering shot of myself I am at a loss.

Hopefully the photography will improve during Me Made June ’11, we shall see…Shirt is Simplicity 7148 from 1975 and I made it in July 2006!  The tank top underneath and skinny jeans are both from George.  I don’t seem to be able to get my feet in a shot yet but I’m wearing black slip on Converse which I bought from Ebay.

And because I live in England, and a very windy and not so warm bit of England at that, this is a Phildar cardigan that I made in January 2007.  It is actually even, I am just wearing it in a sloppy fashion.

It was hard to decide what to wear this morning!  Usually I just grab something and go and a good amount of the time it includes something that I have made.  When I ‘had’ to pick something I’d made though it became a lot more difficult and I tried on about four tops before deciding on this one!  Luckily it is half term and we weren’t in a rush today so it didn’t matter but I will have to get up earlier or pick faster when the boys go back to school!


2 thoughts on “Well Howdy

  1. the best part of my first challenge like this was that i took my pics….so i could delete, delete, delete as necessary! it ended up helping out A LOT in my non me-made pics (by then i knew, i don’t like the picture if i’m doing X, Y or Z when it’s taken)…. my friends love to take pictures and candids while out are now so much less stressful! good luck!!

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