MMJ11 Day 7

Cardigan – Sienna Cardigan. January 2010

Shirt – Simplicity 2594, April 2011

Jeans – George

Shoes – New Look

The cardigan will probably only be needed until we get to the supermarket as the temperature is rising already.  The shoes might make it until lunchtime!  I’d love to be the kind of woman who can stride about all day in heels with no worries but they hurt my feet after a while and I just get irritated by them.  I intend to keep trying with them though, one day I just might be that kind of woman…


One thought on “MMJ11 Day 7

  1. sue hardy says:

    I love watching old films and the women dressed so feminine. Just wished I could dress like them and wear beautiful shoes but times change and work over takes so comfortable clothing and shoes are necessary. I do like your shoes and cardi Anna.

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