MMJ11 Day 11

Not quite sure what I’m looking so pissed off about this morning considering I had a lie in (can’t remember the last time my kids slept past 8 am!) and I’m off into the sewing room for a bit.  Anyway…

T-shirt – McCalls 4872, made March 2011

Jeans – my old ripped supermarket ones

Socks – Pretty Petals Socks, made March 2006


2 thoughts on “MMJ11 Day 11

  1. You look like you’re cowering in the corner from somebody there! I love that T-shirt. I love the style and the colour. I hate that you can never buy a loose fitting long sleeved T-shirt anymore in the shops. They’re either too short, too tight fitting or have short sleeves. Have you ever thought of selling what you produce? 😉

  2. Chris says:

    Wish I could get back to sewing, but the knitting just has me in a hold. I love to see your projects, and that clutch is quite lovely!

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