Turned a Corner

The list has been feeling like it’s taking forever and I’m getting nowhere but all of a sudden, after a lovely day in which I made 2 projects from start to finish (they were cut out already though) it feels like I can see the end of this list and start looking forward to the next one!  I have already started compiling the new list but I am waiting for my Simplicity patterns that I bought in the last Sewing Patterns dot com sale to arrive which should be next week and then I can finalise it.

So, I will take you back to last weekend when I finished off the purse that I’d had waiting for ages and ages.  The pattern came from Etsy and the FQ’s came from Ebay.

I would have preferred that picture to be the other way up but there you go, I seem to be having issues with uploading pictures today!

I used a Snapsource snap on this and hammered the holy hell out of it as I really don’t trust them to stay on.  I had read lots of positive things about these snaps before buying them but I find them hard to use and unreliable.  I’m hoping this one stays on as there’s no way to replace the other side of it without taking the whole purse apart.

Inside there is a zipped coin purse with a notes section behind it and then credit card slots on the right hand side.  I had a lot of fun picking which bit of fabric I was going to use where on this.

The inside of the coin purse is done with the second fabric for some contrast.

Note slot behind the coin purse.

Next time I use this pattern, and there will be a next time because it was really fun, I will buy some thicker interfacing for the outside layer.  I only had medium weight and I’ve used it for everything but I think it would be a little more sturdy with heavyweight.  I also will remember to put my cards and some coins in the purse before applying the snap as it’s a little tight to close.  I think the fabric will give a little over time and solve this.

Next up was a vintage shirt using this pattern.

Simplicity 7181 from 1975, and it was still factory folded, amazing.  If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you will know that this pattern is right up my alley.  70’s shirt, big collar, cuffs on the sleeves and a nice long length.  The fabric I picked to use I bought from Fabricland in Brighton 2 years ago.  It is a lovely cotton but quite thin and it creases if you even glance at it the wrong way.  This meant that I needed to use french seams for the first time ever.

There was supposed to be a zip in the back but there’s really no need for it so I sewed the back seam all the way up and cut the collar and the back facing on the fold. The collar and facings for this pattern give the cleanest finish I’ve ever seen, I was really impressed with the way it came out.  I was also really impressed with my french seams, I even did the sleeves which have gathers at the top!

That’s the sleevecap, shoulder and side seams, no fraying edges!

I will make this pattern again sometime soon as I love the result and it was a breeze to sew.  If only modern patterns went together so easily and had such clear instructions we’d all be whipping out garments left right and centre!  If the weather is warm enough you will be seeing this modelled for Me Made June as it also has the added benefit of fitting!

This post is getting really long so I will leave the other 2 FO’s I have until a later time, don’t want to bore you too much in one go!


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