MMJ11 Day 18

Cardigan – Miss Pink Jeans (from pattern Mr Greenjeans), October 2010

Shirt – Simplicity 4176, April 2010 (this is the first time I’ve worn it)

Jeans – Matalan

Shoes – Pink polka dot Converse from , da da dahhhhh – Ebay!

I actually have a FO to show you today as well!

This is Simplicity 3692.  The jersey is a lovely weight and was really nice to work with despite the fact that the edges rolled if you even looked at them.  It went together really easily and was fun to make.  I think I may need to take the sleeves out and re-do them as I eased them in rather than gathering them at the top and they seem to be hanging a bit oddly when I have it on.  I will see how much it bothers me when I wear it for a day and make a decision then.

The back view

The ease in this Built By Wendy pattern is huge, I went down a few sizes as I didn’t want it so baggy.  I was glad I had done the smaller size when I tried it on and realised how wide the neckline still was, had I done my size it would have fallen off my shoulders.  What is it with designers thinking that larger women have really wide shoulders, if anything we need narrower necklines to hide thicker bra straps…

Anyway, I love the way this came out and I’ll make it again sometime when I find some good jersey (the selection in the UK is awful and incredibly expensive if you do find good quality stuff).


One thought on “MMJ11 Day 18

  1. Mr. Greenjeans has been in my queue for ages. I think you may have bumped it up for me! Great job on all of your sewing and knitting!

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