Next Sewing Plan

I have been digging through the stash again (so much so that I had a minor collapse and it’s now a huge mess and needs to be re-folded…) and pulling out patterns and these are the projects waiting for me to get around to giving them a go.  My last list was a bit epic, too many projects on it and it felt like a long slog to get through them so I’ve tried to keep this list a bit shorter in the hopes that I will still be interested in the projects when I get to them.

Butterick 4995, View B which is the far left pair.  Black sort of linen, synthetic, little bit stretchy fabric from Abakhan.  I’m hoping for a useful pair of loose-fitting summer trousers…

Kwik Sew 3155 using pink velour (bought via an online sewing group I used to be a member of).  I will be making the short sleeve version of the hoodie and trying to prevent it being too girly by adding the cat skeleton applique which I’ve had for years and years. Finished 27/8

Simpliticy 2367, I want to make the full length trousers but I think with the fabric I have that it will be the cropped pair instead.  I used this fabric for a pair of maternity trousers previously (if memory serves), it’s a linen/cotton marl mix (from Abakhan).  I’m trying to practice making trousers that fit so I won’t be too worried if these don’t but another pair of summer trousers would be a bonus. Finished 9/7

Simpliticy 5197, view at top right.  This fabric taunts me, I never seem to have enough to make what I want to make from it.  I am hoping that this simple shirt will be the winner, we shall see if I am thwarted again.  Fabric came from the sewing group previously mentioned.  Now using Simplicity 4179 (from further down), cut out 25/6. Finished July ’11

This is a quite see-through stretch fabric from Boyes so I will be using Simplicity 3568 (?) top left version which is a pretty plain tunic and doing french seams and narrow hems.  I will need to wear  a tank top under this so I want it drapey and loose.  I have previously made the cowl neck version which fit well but was a tad short, the plain version appears to be longer. Changed patterns and finished 22/7

Terry from the sewing group, to make a dressing gown for Jim using McCalls 9638.  I made Jim a dressing gown when he was about 3 (I can’t find a picture of it online or mention of it on the blog for some reason).  I used blue fleece with giraffes on it and lengthened the pattern to give him a bit of growing room.  Jim was 8 last month and he’s still wearing that dressing gown!  The sleeves are finally too short and it now comes above his knees, but he does love it so.  I decided that it was time for a new one so I want to get this done and ready for him to snuggle in this winter.  I have dyed the fabric with Omega Dyes Indigo (I used 2.5 tsps of dye which was half of what was recommended for its weight). done

I found this fabric (from Abakhan) whilst looking for something else in the stash.  I have about 3-4 yards of it but it’s too thin for a dress so I think it will be 2 shirts.  The first of them will be view D (bottom right) of Simplicity 4179 minus the tie belt.  Can you tell I’m hoping for some warmer weather? Pulled out a vintage pattern to use with this fabric instead. Done

This fabric was supposed to be an Onion blouse but there wasn’t enough of it so it was cast into the stash to await being used.  I’m hoping there is enough of it for the bottom view of this vintage pattern. Done

This lycra knit is also via the sewing group.  I’m intending to make the t-shirt from this pattern, New Look 8922.  I know I’ve made the cardigan from this but I can’t for the life of me remember if I’ve made the t-shirt, guess I’ll find out when I get the pattern out and see what’s been cut!  Might go with a different fabric as this one would actually look great as a dress. Put all this away, may think of another t-shirt at some point with different pattern and fabric.

This is a really nice drapey synthetic woven from Abakhan.  I’m hoping to have enough to make the view with the black shirt from this pattern (Simplicity 2758).  I think I will probably have to use some interfacing on the pocket pieces to prevent them from being too droopy.  I must admit I’m not 100% sure of this pattern so it might be swapped out for a different one. Decided against, returned fabric to stash.

Simplicity 2211, the knee-length skirt.  This is a synthetic fabric I got from Boyes, medium weight that will go with black t-shirts.

Have cut the shorter skirt from this pattern with the leftover denim from the jeans. Finished 25/6

Simpliticy 3964, middle view.  I stumbled upon the leftover black cotton from the bowling shirt and realised it would work really well with this black and white print for this shirt.  The fabric has thwarted me before though by not being big enough for about 4 patterns so we’ll see if it co-operates this time (there may not be enough black..). Done

Simplicity 2187, the dress.  I plan to wear this over a black tank top or long sleeve t-shirt depending on the weather.  The fabric is a medium weight shirting fabric I got from Abakhan and have never been able to match with a pattern.  I think it will look fab as this dress and I’m excited to get going on this one! Done

Simplicity 2211 again, the mid-length tunic.  This is for a Sew Along so you might see it quite soon.  I am thinking that I will leave the ruffles off the sleeves (maybe add a few inches in length to them if necessary) as ruffles aren’t really my thing and they will only get dipped into or caught on things. Finished 23/6, also made another shirt and a skirt from the same pattern!

Forgot to add 2 things, I will be making 2 sandwich wraps for Piggle who starts full time school in September and I also want to make a bag of some sort as I’ve not done one in ages, have a few patterns out but haven’t picked fabric yet. 16/7, although I may do another one. Did make another bag.

Projects remaining  from the last list:

  • My quilt.  I’ve still not bought the batting for the middle and I think I need to unpick one strip and re-sew it as it wasn’t even.
  • Brown vintage shirt.  I started this and had issues with the very first step.  I will get onto it again as I really like the pattern and the fabric.
  • The jeans.  I am cutting these out at the moment but they will probably get bumped down for the tunic.
  • Jim’s shorts and t-shirt.  The weather is horrible here at the moment so there’s no desperate rush for them.  I should try to get them done for this time next month when school finishes. Done
  • Dotty Ottobre tunic.  I ironed the fabric and thought about tracing the pattern but didn’t get any further!
  • Vintage pajamas.  I don’t actually need these and I don’t think the waist of the trousers will fit anyway so there’s not a rush, this is more of a ‘making it because I can’ project. Decided not to make these, don’t need them and don’t really like the fabric.
  • Red zip up jacket.  I keep going to start this and then finding something more interesting to do.  I want it done soon just so I don’t have to look at it anymore! finished 28/7 at last!
  • Jim’s dinosaur pajamas.  I want to use a 40’s pattern that is one size (his current size).  It has felled seams which is kind of putting me off but I should do these soon as he really could do with them. finished 21/7
  • T-shirt refashions.  There are 2 left, a long sleeve and a short sleeve.  I want to find a different pattern to use for them so they’re on hold at present.

The last list had 34 things on it, this one has 14 17 and then there are the 9 left over projects for a total of 23 26.  Not that many less but hopefully more doable without getting bored.  I’m going to start working on this list now as I’ve reached the point with the old one where if I have to force myself just to do those projects I’m not going to sew.  I am excited about most of the things on this list so if I bung something I’m not so excited about between them I should get them out of the sewing room!

There seems to be very little for the boys at the moment  They are set up for summer and it’s too soon to start on winter pajamas or clothes because I need to see how much they grow so I know which size to make them.

I will link to this post on the top left sidebar and make notes as I go along about what is completed, any changes I’ve made and any projects that get added to the list along the way!


2 thoughts on “Next Sewing Plan

  1. Susan Hardy says:

    Phew!! Was getting a bit lost there for a minute. I wish I lived nearby so I could have some lessons. Cant wait to see the finished items.

  2. Those are all so awesome! I love the little hoodie…and the kitty-cat…such variety…you’ll have a whole new wardrobe!

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