Got a Little Bit Carried Away…

I joined a sew along for Simplicity 2211, specifically the tunic on the pattern.  I chose the fabric and bought some thread and buttons and thought I would try to sew at the speed of the sew along.  Turns out once I get going on something I am hell-bent on finishing it which is why under 3 hours after I started sewing I ended up with this.

I’ve had this fabric for ages and have never found anything that I thought it would work for, but I think with the leftover brown fabric from a dress I made a few years back it came together really well.  I didn’t do the ruffles on the sleeves as I don’t like ruffles very much and also I think they would only have worked done in the brown and I didn’t have enough fabric.  I did add some length to the sleeves instead so they come down just below the elbow.

Before I started on this I measured myself, checked the pattern and thought about what size I wanted to make (sometimes I don’t do that because I’m lazy!).  I ended up cutting out a size larger than I usually wear in Simplicity patterns but the pattern said that was the size for the right ease for me.  Once I’d sewn up the side seams I tried it on only to discover that it is too tight around my hips for me to actually wear.  Obviously there is some issue with the pattern somewhere as there should have been about 2″ of ease according to the pattern measurements so be warned to measure the paper pattern and maybe cut a bit larger if you use this one.

After finishing the tunic and putting it in my box of ‘will fit me soon hopefully’ items I spied some fabric that, again, I had never managed to match up a pattern with.  This pattern fit me well in the bust, it was just the hips that were an issue so I decided to cut the other shirt view and after a few hours the next day I had this.

This one fits me well enough to wear it now.  I say well enough as the sleeves are a bit tight when I move my arms which is odd as the sleeves were fine on the other one.  I think it may be the sleeve band which I’m glad I didn’t interface as they would have been even stiffer to wear.  Anyway, it’s something I can live with so this shirt will get worn round and about despite this stupid rookie error that I made.

If you buy offcuts of fabric remember to check for print errors before you cut out your pattern…  I stupidly forgot this time and it ended up on the side of the front.  I couldn’t cut around it but I would have put it on the back or really close to the side seam where it wasn’t as noticeable.  However, unless someone is having a really good stare at my shirt they’re not going to notice (or so I’ve convinced myself) so I will live with it!

I have a skirt planned from this pattern in the plaid fabric which I will do soon but I also had about a yard of fabric left over from cutting out the jeans last week and it turned out to be enough to make the shorter skirt from this pattern.

Hard to tell on my legless dressform but it hits just above the knee.

This is a purple very very stretchy denim that I’ve had in my stash for years and years now (which is why it’s so creased, I think those will go after it’s been washed and ironed a few times).  This skirt pattern is really quick and easy even with some top stitching and hand sewing.  The only issues I had were that the fabric stretchiness meant that I had to cut a longer waist stay than the pattern called for and putting in the zip was a real bitch.  I sewed it in last night and finally got it looking ok, tried it on and discovered that the zip was faulty and wouldn’t stay up…  So this morning I found another zip and with some effort and swearing got it in.  It won’t pass a thorough inspection (I even used a hook and eye at the top to hold it straight as it’s a bit wonky) but it will do for this skirt.

The skirt fits me now so I will wear it this summer but should I lose more than a few pounds it will be too big (having the belt loops will help with longevity should I buy a belt).  This is because of the fabric rather than the pattern, I’m sure I will find with the not stretchy plaid for the longer version that it is too small.

The purple in my stash confuses me a bit, not the fabric which I remember buying (I didn’t realise the denim would be *so* purple which is why it’s been sitting around for so long) it’s the fact that I have purple zips, purple thread and a selection of purple buttons.  I also have a small plastic box full of hooks and eyes that I don’t remember buying and as I only use them incredibly rarely I don’t know why I even own them.  I guess this is what you get after sewing for quite a few years, I think it multiplies and changes colour when I’m not in there…

Next up a shirt from that pesky rabbit and deer fabric, changing patterns yet again.  I finally cut it though so hopefully it will get sewn up this week!


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