MMJ11 Day 30 – It’s All Over!

Shirt – Simplicity 7171 1975, June 2011 (first wearing)

Jeans – George

Shoes – Underground via Ebay

So that’s it folks, a whole month of what I wore day by day, I hope it was interesting in some way and that you enjoyed finally getting to see the garments worn rather than just on a dress form.

I don’t know if you noticed but about 10 days into the challenge I decided to add an extra element to it for myself and not to repeat a single Me Made item during the whole month.  If you look through the pictures you will see that I managed it, nothing got worn more than once and amazingly I still have things in the cupboard and chest of drawers that I could have worn even though some days I wore multiple Me Mades!  What’s more amazing is that these are just the Me Made items that fit me now, I have a box and a suitcase put away with Me Mades in smaller sizes (mainly from between the boys) and I only wore about half of my hand knits so you’ve seen just a fraction of what I’ve made over the years.  My oldest worn garment was from 2005 and my youngest were from last week!

Should you be interested in what I wear in the future you can check out the new blog I started, there’s a link on the sidebar to the left.  It’s called What finallywakingup Wore and I plan to keep documenting my clothes as I work towards loosing more weight and finding my elusive style.  I do have to admit though that looking through a month’s worth of pictures my clothes are not as boring as I thought they were and there is some kind of style there, I would like to develop it more though and that blog is where I will be commenting on that kind of thing.

And what did I learn about my sewing?  Nothing that I didn’t already know really.  I make a lot of shirts, I find them easy to throw on with jeans and can use fun prints for them.  I have my ‘uniform’ summer skirts which I still love and I can’t wait to get back into the previous ones as well, I will be able to go 2 weeks then without repeating!  I don’t tend to make plain garments, I would like to change this as plain shirts would come in handy with bright skirts so I will be on the look out for plain cottons for shirts (hard to find oddly enough).  I also don’t make or wear many dresses, I don’t find them that comfortable and I feel over dressed in them.  I do have plenty I’ve made in the past that I can wear when I’m slimmer to see if I still feel that way about them then.  The one thing I do want to work on making is trousers, I never used to be afraid of them (I made all my own maternity trousers and have made my own jeans) so I don’t know why I am now.  I have some on my plan so I want to give those a go soon.  As for what I wear, I’d like to wear less jeans and try and work in some more skirts.  If this had been a winter challenge you’d probably not have seen a skirt at all and I want to work on that for the winter as I discovered that I do actually own winter tights so I’ve no excuse any more!

I’ve got some FO’s for you but I’ll save them for tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “MMJ11 Day 30 – It’s All Over!

  1. Liz M says:

    I’m going to miss your daily updates – I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you’ve chosen every day and admire your creativity and output! Well done!

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