June Knits

Sometimes it feels like a project is taking forever even if it really hasn’t been that long.  I mean, I’ve had projects on the needles literally for years that didn’t feel like they were weighing me down as much as these two projects did.  I don’t know if it was because I wanted to get them done this month so my own goals were pressing at me or if it was the projects themselves (neither of which were that hard) but two nights ago when I cast off the second sock and the cardigan was on the dress form waiting for pictures I felt a real sense of relief that they were done and I could work on something else.

This is the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring 2008.  I used Linen Shadow in the Teal colour and I really like the way the yarn has short lengths of silvery linen with the cotton which makes the garment slightly stripy.  What I don’t like is the way the front bands don’t seem to lie evenly or all that flat even though they were stretched as they were sewn on and blocked.  I’m hoping a wash or two will soften the cotton and help with that.

I do love the back with its seed stitch at the top and bottom and ribbing in the middle.

Not so keen on the cuffs that don’t lie quite flat yet, I may have to put a stitch in here or there to help them stay folded up.  I do love the buttons which are a smaller version of the ones on the front, it makes me happy to find the right buttons for a project.  That side seam is also a little wonky, but it’s cotton in rib which is always hard to seam.  These cuffs are the only change I made to the pattern.  The pattern called for 87 stitches to be picked up which I personally think would be nigh on impossible.  I picked up 57 and it looks just fine, the much greater number would have flared horribly I think so I’m happy with the change.

This is a little tight at the moment around the waist.  I don’t actually know what I was thinking when I made the size I did but there you go, you win some you lose some.  Maybe by the time I do fit into it I will have lost any bad feelings and misgivings I have about it.

These socks should not have given me any trouble at all.  Cascade Fixation on 3.25mm needles in a pattern that was fun and interesting to do.  The foot of the first sock flew and then I stalled a bit.  However I still managed them within my month time frame so I don’t know why I felt stressed about them.  I think it may be because last year when I attempted to knit a pair of socks a month I only got as far as May.  I am feeling a little bored with the socks I have to say but I want to push on and stick to my challenge.  Again, perhaps it was pressure I put on myself that made these less fun than they should have been.

These are the Ambrosia Socks which is a free pattern from Knitting Daily.  I bought the yarn for these when I went to Portland over 4 years ago so it was about time I used it up!  The only change I made was to not go up a needle size for the last few repeats as the stitch count was right for my size using this yarn on those needles which made it unnecessary.  I love these socks and they are really comfortable.

I won’t stop pushing myself to finish my knitting projects or setting goals for myself but I do need to remember to make sure I still enjoy it along the way!


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