This Week’s WIPs

I have been sorting my old posts into categories that make more sense to me (sorry if it’s been clogging up your feed readers, sadly I still have another 16 pages to go so I may be clogging for a while yet) and getting rid of uncategorized posts and categories that only have 1 thing in them which is just annoying really.

What I have realised from reading through old posts for a few hours is that I don’t ever seem to update on what I’m working on or why I’ve chosen it.  It just looks like finished garments appear out of thin air.  The Sewing Planning post (link on the sidebar) does show some of my thinking on sewing projects but there are still plenty that slip through the cracks and just appear all done and dusted, especially my knitting.

I’d like to get back to sharing how things are going and what I’m working on and what I think of the yarn and the pattern and other little details that could spark some conversation on the blog again.  So, I will try to do a weekly roundup of my WIP’s.  There won’t always be pictures, lets face it pictures of bits of knitting aren’t actually all that interesting to look at, but I will try to post about the pattern and maybe a picture of the yarn I’m using when I start something and then keep you up to date with whether I’m actually working on it or if it is sitting about lost and lonely.

So, what’s on the needles at the moment I hear you cry?

Stylecraft Kon-TikiI am using this really bright Kon-Tiki yarn to make the Summer’s End cardigan.  The yarn is a cotton acrylic mix but feels cottony, just lighter weight.  It is knitting up really well in the lace pattern and so far I’ve done 2 repeats (almost 3) which is about 5 inches of it.  It’s knit in one piece from the bottom up so there are quite a few stitches.  I have 3 more lots of this yarn for other projects and I’m thinking of getting a few more (it’s £1.20 a ball at Kemps at the moment).  If you’ve been reading for any length of time you will not be surprised that I’m making this, it’s just my cup of tea!

Orange Crush MaizyMy July socks are bright orange! I’m using the Angler’s Loop Socks pattern with this Orange Crush Maizy. I am doing the toe on the first sock so I’m on schedule so far. I did 3 pattern repeats before doing the heel which has made them pretty long socks. I also should have knit the smaller size as the ribbing makes them a bit loose but not so bad that I won’t be able to wear them. The socks are pretty much plain besides the cable running down the back and a ribbed panel down the top of the foot so they go quickly when I work on them, I’ve done most of the sock this week as I suddenly realised that I needed to get on with them!  I love Maizy, it’s nice to have a vegan yarn that works for most 2.25mm sock patterns.  I’m actually starting to get low on it after having it in my stash for years so I may need to stock up in a few months time.

Knitpicks Shine SportYears and years ago Knitpicks tested to see if they wanted to ship overseas or not and I was one of the people who got to order some yarn and get free shipping on it (I also got my pattern keeper).  I used the green for the Ballerina Lace Layering thingy and this grey was meant to be for a cardigan but I decided that it was too floppy for the one I had in mind so it is now becoming a Portland Sweater.  Yes, I am still partial to things with the work Portland in them (and still heartbroken that I didn’t get to move there, and that’s not an exaggeration) and this is a nice plain sweater with an interesting design.  I am making a size smaller than the pattern suggests but hopefully it will work out ok in the end.  I did start with the right size but the sleeves were huge so I ripped it and restarted.  I’ve knit one sleeve and am about four inches into the second. This is great tv knitting as it’s just round and round and round, which unfortunately also means it’s pretty dull…  However, a plain sweater will be useful in my overly bright wardrobe so I will keep going!

Red Sea BambooLink, still hanging in there. I thought I wasn’t getting anywhere despite trying to work at least a bit on it every day and then I weighed the ball and discovered that I’d used almost half of it so progress is being made. It’s not complicated lace, it just needs me to sit there and get it done so I will keep trying to work on it daily (I did 8 rows today) and I’ll get there in the end. This bamboo yarn is lovely, so soft and really light. I’ve got more in my stash and 2 more skeins on their way to me from Yarntopia Treasures on Etsy.

I am still doing a bit here and there of my Granny Stripe Blanket. Hopefully I have all the yarn I will need for it now so it’s just a case of doing it. I am up to date with my Sock Yarn Blanket too having crocheted all the leftovers through to my June socks but I still need to make a few more pairs before that will be done.

Sewing wise today I made 3/4 of a bag for Jim’s teacher. She’s a knitter and also an amazing teacher who has worked wonders with him this year (and he has her again next year which I’m very happy about). I have bought her some Yarntopia Treasures bamboo yarn in ‘her’ colours, some stitch markers and some Knitpicks circulars and I’m making a quick knitting bag to put it all in.

After I finish the bag I’m doing Jim’s dinosaur pajamas which are almost entirely cut out (just have some facings to do) and then I want to work on the things that are already cut out so I can stop getting stabbed by pins followed by Jim’s shorts so he can actually wear them this summer. The cut out stuff includes the jeans, a vintage shirt and the red zip up jacket. Somehow I have lost a pattern piece from the jeans, that’s never happened to me before despite my messy ways and I didn’t find it today when I moved everything about so I’m a little stumped as to where it may be.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to this week and am working on at the moment. I’ve been keeping my knitting WIP’s to a lower level this year as it was a bit out of control in the past which made everything take an age. Having just a few things going has really sped up the FO’s and it’s really encouraging to see things grow quickly, it makes you want to work on them more.

I’ll post again next week to let you know how things are going!


2 thoughts on “This Week’s WIPs

  1. Susan Hardy says:

    Love the new layout. I intend to spend today sewing and knitting and I promised myself only to have a couple of projects on the go at one time. I love the summer cardigan you are knitting but always wonder that using a finer yarn will wash up horrible and stretch..I have seen some lovely shawls but dont ever tend to start them because of that reason. I did make a pair of socks using bamboo once and was so angry cause when I washed them the cuff stretched and made it look horrible (and it said wash on 30 degree). Have a good day…

  2. Fab new look to the blog and wow you have a lot of projects going on at the same time ! I haven’t been knitting much recently and I realise now I’m missing it – so I need to get myself set up with some projects whilst I’m back in the UK for my summer holiday and then I’ll be happy as larry !!! I’m loving all the stuff you are working on by the way.

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