So, here’s the update on the WIPs for this week!

I am back to the first ball of yarn on the Summer’s End Cardigan after making a stupid mistake and knitting the lace on the wrong size needle…  I was just into the third ball so I frogged it using my ball winder which made it much faster.  I’m into the second repeat of the lace this time around on the right needles.

The Portland Sweater is coming along slowly, I’ve added about five inches to the second sleeve but this has really been my third project recently only being picked up when I’m too tired to work on anything else, it’ll get there in the end.

I’m onto the foot of my second sock for this month and as it’s pretty plain I should be ok to finish this pair in time.  Now the fun part of planning which sock pattern and yarn to use next starts, it always takes me a while to pick as I like to try to mix it up using different yarn, needle size etc.

I’ve been working on the Granny Stripe blanket here and there so there are a few more rows added, need to keep dragging it out so the progress continues.

I made some progress on Link last weekend and haven’t picked it up at all this week.  I’m hoping that now it’s the summer holidays I will get more work done on it as I can work on it whilst sitting and watching the boys playing.

Sewing I had a good week as my last post showed.  Sitting on the sewing table at the moment is the red sherpa zip up jacket that I cut out in 2009!  I have actually taken the pattern piece off of a few bits and found the right thread so I think it might actually get made this time.

Sewing related I’m putting all my sewing patterns onto Evernote.  It was talked about by a blogger I’m afraid I can’t remember now and seemed like a really cool idea.  I have been keeping track of things on a spreadsheet (I may still use one for things I want as it’s easy to pull up when Sewing Patterns dot com have a sale on) but Evernote allows you to have pictures too and add tags so if I want to make a button up shirt I can see which patterns I have.  I’m doing my modern patterns at the moment pulling pictures from the internet and it’s pretty time-consuming but it’s going to be even more so when I get to the vintage patterns as I will have to photograph them all and look for dates etc, at least with WiFi I can take my computer into the sewing room and work on it up there!

So, that’s it for this week, not that interesting but for some reason I don’t seem to have knit much, probably because I sewed a lot, still working on perfecting being able to sew, read, knit, watch a film and look at the internet all at the same time, I’ll get there one day!


One thought on “Update

  1. I know what you mean about perfecting being able to sew, read, knit, watch a film and look at the internet all at the same time!!! Lol.

    Anna, do you have particular website where you buy your wool? I picked up a pattern the other day as I’ve been thinking about taking up knitting again but pricing up the wool I saw on eBay it would cost nearly £30 to make this cardigan. Either I’ve forgotten how expensive wool is or the price has jumped up a lot since I used to knit. Any ideas for bargain wool websites would be greatly appreciated!

    Btw, have you given up your food blog? I used to really enjoy reading it (hint, hint).

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