Things around here have been stressful of late, hopefully we’re coming out the other side of it all, a few more weeks and it could all be over, but I’m sighing an awful lot and my shoulders are up under my ears with tension.

I have managed to get some things done though, despite making really terrible silly errors in my sewing recently.  My seam ripper has been very close to hand the last few times I’ve been in the sewing room!

First up were the shorts and t-shirt for Jim.  He picked the pattern and the fabric (because it has flags on it not because he likes football) and I finally got around to making them for him.

The pattern is from Ottobre 2/04, the pattern is #18 and the t-shirt is from the same issue.  I figured it was about time I traced a new t-shirt pattern for him rather than using the same one and just adding length all the time!

I made a few changes, I decided not to do the big side pocket version and I also chose not to do the pocket flaps that I could have done on the back pocket.  I also didn’t top stitch as much as the pattern called for.  The only real change I made to the pattern itself was to add an inch to the top of the shorts.  I noticed that the other Ottobre shorts that Jim has are really short in the crotch, a couple of pairs actually look a little uncomfortable unless he wears them low-rise so I figured an inch would help.  He likes these a lot but the weather has, of course, turned dreadful and he’s not had a chance to wear them yet.  Luckily they’re really long shorts so he will be able to wear them next year should this summer already be over.

Next up was a shirt for me using some swiss dot fabric that I got in Boyes a while back.  I’ve matched the fabric with a few patterns and it’s not worked out but this time it did.

This is a vintage pattern, Sue Burnett 8191 and I’ve made a different view from the pattern before.  This was pretty easy to sew and I used french seams on it as the fabric isn’t very thick.  I’m happy with the way it came out, it’s a tiny bit tight around the hips but wearable.

I think I may need a gather intervention soon.  I seem to sew them all the time and it’s getting a bit silly…

The final sewing project I have to show you I finished earlier today, it’s Simplicity 2187 and I used some fabric I got at Abakhan many moons ago.

More gathers…

I am pretty short-waisted and the waist of this is going to have to be pulled down over and over when I eventually wear this.  I say eventually as I don’t like the way it looks on me at all, the gathering with the elastic in the waist makes the skirt twist, it kind of poofs out over and under the belt, the belt isn’t long enough and the front flops open a bit, all of which are very irritating.  To add to that if it makes the dressform look heavy then it’s not going to make me look anything but huge so it’s going on time out for a while until I forget how annoyed I am that it didn’t turn out as great and flattering as I’d hoped it would be!

I think this was one of those projects where I thought that I would put on the finished dress and immediately be thinner, taller and more wonderful and instead I look like a stripey overstuffed sack of potatoes with a very short upper body!  Seriously, if you make this and you’re not short-waisted please add length to the body or you’re going to end up with the elastic right under your bust!

One a happier note I have already finished off the August socks.  These babies took 14 days to make and I love them.

These are the Eleanor socks and I used Sock Candy in Sun Drops and 2.75mm needles.  The pattern was really easy and really fun to do.  I think that sometimes sock pattern designers think that as it’s something small they need to make it have as many bells and whistles as it can and they go OTT with lace and cables and decreases and increases making it all more complicated than it needs to be.  These were perfect sock knitting, pretty pattern, easy to follow and resulting in a nice pair of socks that look good, can’t beat that really!

I’m going to take a few weeks off socks now as I’m starting to feel a bit burnt out 8 months into my ‘pair of socks a month’ challenge.  I really do want and intend to make a pair a month so I’m hoping that if I don’t cast on for another pair right away I will find some enthusiasm for it again when I do get back to it.

In other WIP news I am doing the edging of the Sock Yarn Blanket so that should be done in the next few days if I get on with it which is really exciting.  I have finished and attached the first sleeve of the Summer’s End cardigan and am a few inches into the second sleeve.  I ended up adding 2″ to the body as it just didn’t look long enough to me, hopefully I won’t live to regret that.  I’m coming to the end of the second sleeve on the Portland Sweater, after that I have to pick up 200 odd stitches around the bottom edge of both sleeves and then knit in the round until the yarn gives out.  I’m a bit worried I won’t have enough yarn left to get a decent length but I’m hoping that as it’s cotton it will stretch for me.  Poor Link hasn’t been touched in weeks.  Maybe I will try to pick it up this week and get on with it in the time I would have used to knit socks.  I’ve also not touched the Granny Stripe Blanket as I’ve been working on the Sock Yarn one instead, I intend to get back to it once the Sock Yarn Blanket is done and dusted.

Sewing wise I am working on another shirt at the moment and I’m not sure what I will go onto next.  I would like to finish up the summer stuff if I can, most of the shirts can be worn under cardigans so it won’t matter if it’s not blazing hot.  I’m still making good progress with the list so I’m not to worried about it!

Oh dear, another big sigh, it must be time to call and end to the post!


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