Sock Yarn Throw FO

Yes, I have finally finished off this blanket!  It took yarn left over from 35 projects plus all but a yard of a ball of yarn from my stash for the border.  It is long enough and wide enough to cover a single bed, but not to hang down over the sides of it, could have done with a bit more width really but there you go, that’s what you get for chaining a random number and then not stopping!

I started this in March when I decided that the way I was trying to make a blanket from my leftover sock yarn was going to take forever and be a real pain in the ass to sew together so I started crocheting and got a bit addicted to it.  I ran out of yarn at the end of April and had to wait until I’ve finished my monthly socks to add a bit more to it.  I finished the main blanket with the Angler’s Loop Socks and then started working on the border.

I’d never done edging on a blanket before so, like the main stitch pattern which was a mistake that I liked the look of, I just crocheted and it came out kind of nicely!  First of all I did a row of single crochet (using US terms as I learnt from an American book!) and then I did a row of 3 doubles skipping 2 chains between each.  The final round gave me a really lovely look but it wasn’t what I expected to happen at all!  I did 3 doubles into each chain space and then slip stitched twice across the top of the doubles below.  Really simple and really effective I think!

It’s nice to have this finally done and to be able to get back to concentrating on the granny stripe blanket instead, maybe I can make some progress on that now!  It’s also nice to give the wavy blanket a break from living on the back of the sofa.


4 thoughts on “Sock Yarn Throw FO

  1. margaret says:

    What a great way to use up sock yarn leftovers. I have thought of making more socks by mixing the leftovers but, have never done it. I think that is because I have so much sock yarn in my stash that I don’t really need the leftovers yet. kwim? Anyway love your blanket and all your projects.


  2. I love this blanket! When I have a lot of leftover yarn this is what I’ll do. Count me a new subscriber, looking forward to Self-Stitched Sept’11 with you!

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