Summer’s End

This is the Summer’s End cardigan, finished at the right time as next week is the last week of the boy’s summer holiday and then we’re back to it.  They are away at their Dad’s this week which leaves me without a framework to my life and feeling a little lost and listless.  I very rarely get more than a day and a half to myself so it’s odd to have so much time to fill without other people to look after.  Hopefully I will manage to fill the time and get some things done that I want to, I’ve managed a few sewing projects and some knitting so far so it’s going well for now!

I used Stylecraft Kon Tiki for this cardigan and it was lovely to knit with, it’s a 50% cotton 50% synthetic mix so it feels like cotton but is lighter.  Kemps still have some at £1.20 a ball, as usual the nice yarn has been discontinued…  I got guage on 5mm needles which made it a pretty quick knit, especially the second time I knit the bottom lace having cast on using the smaller needles the first time as I apparently can’t read very well…

The only change I made was to add 2 inches to the length before adding the sleeves.  The kind of simple full bust alteration I’d make on a sewing pattern and luckily it turned out that 2 inches was just right!  I bought larger buttons than the pattern suggested so I only put 3 on despite the longer length and I think it looks just right, 4 would have been too crowded.

When I got into the sewing room yesterday there was a summer shirt cut out and with 1 seam sewn and I really wasn’t feeling it.  It’s very unlike me to start a project and not finish it.  I will cut things out and abandon them for years (as with the red sherpa jacket!) but once they get onto the sewing machine I normally see them through.  The poor shirt has been folded neatly and put to one side for now though.  I will get back to it soon as we may have 1 warm day where I can wear it before winter, but I decided to work on things that got my interest and to start off with something simple and that didn’t require a lot of thought.

This is Kwik Sew 3155 made using some light weight terry.  As you can see from the back view I didn’t finish any of the seams as it won’t fray and overlocking would have shown.  I could have done french seams on it but ironing the terry flattens it quite a bit and I didn’t want that.  After it’s been washed the edges will probably curl anyway which will be fine.

I have had the iron on applique for years now, I hope that it stops the top looking too girly without making it look like I’m trying to be all Emo or something…  I like it so I guess that’s all that matters!

The top is a little bit snug at the moment, actually on purpose as I made a size smaller than I wear intentionally.  I have gained a little weight recently and I’m not happy about it so I’m back to the healthy eating and hoping to stick with it this time (which is what I say every time, but there you go…).

These are what I’ve made today, sandwich wraps for Piggle as, unbelievably, he will be starting full-time school and will be taking his lunch (which he’s very excited about, we practiced at the end of the school year a few times and he was thrilled to be eating there like his brother!).  These are from an online tutorial which I don’t have a link for anymore I’m afraid but they’re very easy.  I had to piece together two bits for one of the inner flaps on the folded one as I didn’t have quite enough fabric but I’m sure no one will notice and Piggle will be happy to have his own wraps instead of using his brother’s.

Next up sewing wise is a sleeveless blouse using a pattern from 1976.  The weather here has been terrible for a week now but I’m hoping we’ll have a nicer September so I can wear some of my summer clothes again this year.

Knitting wise I cast on for Callie.  I have started this jumper before but realised after a few inches that my guage wasn’t working out so I put it aside until I swatched again and then other projects stepped in front of it.  I have knit both the sleeves though in the last few days and am going to work on the back ribbing in a bit.  Once I’m past the ribbing it’s just stocking stitch with some decreasing so hopefully it will be quickish, we’ll see.

My other stocking stitch project, the Portland Sweater, is coming along.  I tend to only work on it now when I’m watching a film as it’s just round and round knitting.  I intend to do some movie viewing tonight so it will grow a bit then.

I have done more work on Link, I’m now about 60% through.  I am getting pretty bored with it now and the temptation to say sod it and start the edging is there each time I pick it up but I don’t want to waste the yarn and I would like it to be a bit longer so I will keep plodding along on it.

I’ve not touched the socks this week at all but it’s not even September yet, which is their month, so I’m not worried.

Right, back to it, hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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