Working The List

I’m determined to get through the last sewing plan list (on the sidebar) and not move onto new things before it’s done (barring the quilt as I can’t afford the batting at the moment).  There has been some deciding not to make a few things and pattern changes along the way but I’m doing pretty well and have 2 more things to show you.

This is Simplicity 7353 which is from 1976.  The fabric is a light lineny feel cotton that I’ve had for ages.  I used about half the fabric so there’s plenty more for something else in the future.  As it was so thin I used french seams on the shoulders and sides and finished the seams cleanly everywhere else as overlocking would have shown through.

The previous owner of this pattern had used it and made her alterations to the pattern itself.

Luckily it was quite easy to add back what she’d removed, the collar had the most removed, I’m guessing because of the dramatic change of style between the late 70’s and the 80’s.

The armholes are finished with facings which went in incredibly easily, I wish modern patterns were drafted so well!

The buttons are from my Grandma’s button tin and were priced 65p for 6 of them so I think they probably date from around the time of the pattern!

All in all I’m really happy with it despite the fact that it doesn’t fit even though according to the measurements on the pattern it should…  I’m still doing well with the healthy eating and am determined to carry on with it so I *WILL* get into this sooner or later!

Next up was the dressing gown for Jim.  I washed and put away his old one in preparation for making this one only to discover one morning that he’d found where I’d put it and was wearing it again.  As it’s now far too small for him and I’d promised him ages ago that I’d make him a new one I figured I’d best get on with it so he can have it when he gets home!

This is McCalls 9638.  The pattern is marketed as ‘Father and Son’ but sold either in the adult or the kids sizes which I think is a bit sneaky, it means that if you did ever want to make matching stuff you’d have to buy 2 copies of the pattern…  Anyway.

This is size 7/8 which my dressform is decidedly not but I couldn’t figure out any other way to show it properly!  I dyed this knit terry myself and I’m really happy with the shade it came out.  The fact that the terry has a knit backing made it quite, shall we say interesting, so sew with and is the reason that bits of it don’t look particularly straight.  Sewing fabric that thick was challenging enough without adding the fact that it stretched like nobodies business to the equation!

The front band instructions were obviously written by an insane person.  They wanted you to sew on one side of the band, fold under the seam allowance on the other side, fold it in half and then hand stitch down the unsewn side all the way around the dressing gown.  This is a garment that is going to be rolled about on the floor in, used as the floor of a bedroom tent, or perhaps the tent itself if they remember that I don’t like the duvets on the floor.  It is also something that is made out of the kind of fabric that doesn’t take well to being ironed and won’t hold a crease so hand stitching is way off.

I folded the band wrong sides together and overlocked the length of it (I’m very proud of the fact that I actually changed the thread in the overlocker to blue wooly nylon instead of being lazy and just using the white that was on there already).  Then I sewed it on using a 1cm hem and after that I top stitched the seam allowances down so that it would lie flat.  I think it looks pretty damn good that way and I’m happy with the results, hopefully Jim will be too!

The only other change I made was to add a hanging loop as I get fed up of the dressing gowns sliding off the hook onto the floor and it’s hard to complain about it when you’re the one who made the damn thing in the first place…

So, that’s what I’ve been up to the last few days along with some film watching and messing around on the internet.  I’ve done well with my sewing for August I think and for the year I’m now at just over 60 metres/yards sewn with just over 24 yards/metres having been bought so I’ve made some progress at decreasing the stash.



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