Dots and Stripes

I love my red shirt that I made from Simplicity 7181 (1975) and I wear it quite a bit.  I have been wanting to make another one but I could never decide on the fabric to use or whether I wanted another plain version or a patterned version.

For quite a few years (4 or 5 at least) I’ve had a lovely piece of Japanese cotton in my stash with a print I adore.  I’ve pulled it out over and over again to use it and it hasn’t been enough for the pattern I’ve chosen or I’ve decided that I don’t like the pattern enough to ‘waste’ my lovely fabric on it.

You can see where this is going can’t you?  It only took me a few months to mentally put the 2 together and then less than 24 hours to make it happen (the idea occurred to me at bed time or it would have happened sooner!).

Yep, just right, even with the ‘I’ve been folded for years along this line’ crease down the front!

Look, I managed not to get 2 circles right on top of my breasts, didn’t even think about it until I was taking the pictures so total fluke!

The only changes I made from the previous version were to not bother with french seams as this fabric was thick enough to not show overlocked edges through and I had to take a little length off the sleeves as I didn’t quite have enough fabric for the pattern as printed (we’re talking about 3 inches less).  The sleeves are still long enough to have a folded cuff though and I think they look fine.

I know I’m going to make this shirt over and over again.  The pattern is sized 41″ which is actually smaller than I am at present so I have room to wear it for a while even if I do managed to lose weight.  Should I lose too much weight I will be buying the pattern again in a smaller size!  I still have the dress to try from it too at some point, I’m wondering how it would look in the lightweight cord I have in my stash, hmmmm.

I finally finished off my Portland Sweater last night.  There was no reason on earth this thing should have taken me so long to make as it was really simple.  There is a whole lot of knitting in it thought I guess and 12 balls of yarn!

The only change I made to this was to knit it quite a bit longer than the pattern suggested.  I like my garments to hit me at the hip bones, I think it’s the most flattering length on me, and with a larger bust in it the length the pattern called for wasn’t enough.

I used Knit Picks Shine Sport in Cloud for this.  It was a nice yarn to work with and not as fluffy and sheddy as the Worsted, although I was still covered in fluff after working on it.  The only issue I have with this yarn is that it doesn’t hide the join between balls well at all.  You can see where I’ve sewn in every single end which is annoying as the knitting is really smooth and even (especially for a cotton, I’m using a 100% cotton at the moment and my normally oh so even gauge is looking awful in places).  I don’t know what to do to remedy this but as Knit Picks don’t ship over here and the only UK supplier of their yarn is charging the same price in £’s as the yarn costs in $’s I probably won’t be using it again anyway.

The notes on this pattern from other knitters informed me that this is a knock off of a Noro pattern.  The sleeves are knit in the round until the underarm and then back and forth in the garter ridges.  You then pick up stitches around the bottom of the garter ridges and under the arms and knit down until it’s the right length.  The pattern itself is very basic, a single sheet, but you don’t really need too many instructions for this!  I knit a smaller size than I normally would as the sleeves in my size were coming out huge.  Also with the garter ridges and the weight of the cotton it is going to grow a bit over time anyway so smaller was the best choice I think.  I will be happy if the body grows a bit but the sleeves are currently the perfect length for me, which will mean that by the third time I wear it they will have stretched so much you won’t be able to see my hands!

I spent this morning cutting and sticking together the Sorbetto top pattern from Collette.  Yes, it’s suddenly turned to autumn here and it’s a sleeveless top.  Yes, everyone else got on this bandwagon months ago.  I guess that’s just the way I roll and I figure I can wear it under stuff for a little while.  I had one hell of a time sticking it together, I’d get it lined up perfectly, let go to grab the tape and it would all move.  Then I’d be really cack-handed and stick the tape on at a wonky angle making the markings not line up at all.  There is one piece that has a big crease in the corner and just doesn’t fit right at all, but the pattern markings line up so I will just have to make sure I smooth the edges and ignore that whilst cutting out.  It has put me even more off using Burda Style patterns that you print at home though, if one simple tank top can frustrate me that much I’d hate to see myself doing a dress or anything else more complicated!

I think I’ve found the fabric I am going to use and some bias binding to match it but I want to check what the wastage will be like before making a final decision.  It’s a pity I can’t get it out of a yard of 45″ wide fabric as I have 4 or 5 yards that I could use.  I don’t think it would even fit on a yarn of 60″ in my size though.  Anyway, I’m going to add an inch or so to the length (hipbone length people, hipbone length, disguises the 2 c-section never lost the baby weight tummy or so I tell myself) and see how it comes out.  I actually don’t have much fabric in the stash I could use for it from a quick look earlier, but I’ll have a deeper dig later this afternoon.

Now, lunch!


One thought on “Dots and Stripes

  1. I LOVE the circles and dots shirt! So pretty and the lovely grey cardi too…it looks like a fun simple knit and I agree with you about the length!

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