Self-Stitched September ’11 – Week 2

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This week seems to have been the week of the cardigan with 4 hand knit ones and my favourite shop bought one ever having made an appearance.  Sitcom Chic that I made way back in 2006 was part of my favourite outfit of the week and Summer’s End made its first appearance.

It is clear that I wear jeans far too often, 6 days of this week and I really should make myself some more interesting trousers or some skirts that can be worn in autumn.  This week was cold and rainy and then suddenly got warm and muggy again.  Cardigans are my answer to the UK’s changeable weather as you can adjust the temperature by opening a few buttons or buttoning it all the way up if you need to keep really warm, I just don’t find jumpers as flexible which is why I don’t knit as many of them.

Knitting this week has seen me working on Callie, I’m now about 10 inches into the back and making steady progress.  The yarn is hard on my hands so it’s going to be slow but steady on this one I think.  I also cast on for and worked quite a bit on Radian Yoke which I’m making in Rowan Bamboo Soft in a lovely silver colour.  I’m really enjoying knitting with the yarn and it looks really nice, I just hope it wears well (I have 2 more garment’s worth stashed!).  I realised this morning that I need to get the socks out and get going on those so after lunch that is what I plan to do with my afternoon alternating with reading new cookbooks when my hands get tired.  I did work on Link and managed about a pattern repeat and a half, must keep slogging on as I’d like to see it as a FO this month.

I really didn’t get much sewing done this week.  I argued with a Sorbetto top for a couple of days and finally finished it this morning and that’s all I have made.  Maybe next week I will feel a bit more motivated and spend a bit more time in the sewing room.


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