Another Self-Stitched September Round Up

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This week saw a new shirt, a new jumper, a shortened shirt (the dotty dress met the scissors and looks much better now I think), a t-shirt I hardly ever wear (the brown flowery one) and my first pair of self-stitched trousers this month.  I do have other SS trousers but they’re summer ones.  I started to make another pair that were more weather appropriate but they turned out to be a little too small so I have thrown them aside for the time being.

I think I’m doing ok although I must stop doing the ‘plain trousers and t-shirt with a hand knit cardigan thrown over the top’ as it’s lazy and not very interesting.  I got a few new pieces of clothing from a splurge online with Asda/George which will hopefully make things a bit more interesting, at least there will be a different pair of jeans in the mix anyway!

I did get some sewing done this weekend which I will show you when I’ve finished off the second project.  Not got much of it left now so hopefully I can get to it tomorrow and get it done.

In my knitting I’ve finished the first sock of this month’s pair and have cast on for the second.  I’m on the armhole decreases of the back of Callie and I’ve finished the patterned section of the Radian Yoke and am now working straight until it’s time to join in the round.  I’ve not done anything on Link or on the blanket this week, must remedy that next week but I want to get some good progress on the sock first so I’m sure it will be finished in time, it’d be a pity to get 9 months into a year-long challenge and mess it up!  I swatched for a project yesterday that I’m itching to get on with and I found some new yarns that I want to sample too so I’d better get these projects off the needles soon!


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