Dotty and Flowery

I veered totally away from my list this weekend and pulled out Simplicity 2245.  I decided to make the shorter dress (to be worn more like a shirt/tunic I should think) and the trousers, although I discovered after sewing the main seams of the trousers that they will be too small for me right now so I put them aside to be finished some other time.

This fabric hasn’t long been in the stash.  I passed over it a few times in Boyes assuming it was a polycotton before checking the label and discovering that it was actually 100% cotton.  It has a slight sheen to it and it’s a nice weight, light but not too light, although it does crease terribly, you can’t win them all.

I have to admit to holding up the pieces of this a few times trying to figure out how this garment went together.  I thought I had it once and then realised that I was wrong and had to figure it out a second time.  The pocket construction is really quite clever and they don’t gape that much when it’s on me.

Another nice detail is this square which is a separate pattern piece and is connected to 4 other pieces.  It adds a nice touch to the front I think and it fit together really well, in fact all the drafting for this pattern was spot on which made it nicer to sew.

And so the back isn’t too plain there are 2 buttons, another nice detail I think.

I’m really happy with the way this came out and I learnt from the Lisette tunic I made that didn’t fit that I needed to go up a size for this to work well for me and it does.  I think I will make the shirt at some point in the future, it’s exactly like this but without the pockets, I’ll see how this is to wear first before making a decision.

Sunday I moved back to the UFO Simplicity 3964.  I had real issues with the front piece, I read blogs and reviews on Pattern Review and it seems that I’m the only person ever who found it really difficult and frustrating and couldn’t get it to work right.  I ended up sewing each of the 4 seams separately and it looks ok, not perfect but good enough I think (hope!).

The black is leftover lawn like cotton from my bowling shirt and the white is a nice weight cotton.  Both fabrics came from Fabric Land in Brighton but I bought them a year apart!  My top stitching on this rocks, I should have taken a close up.  See, I can’t sew sharp corners but I will top stitch anything and not have a moment of doubt about it, strange…

Another nice touch at the back.  I made a couple of changes to this shirt.  To begin with I added 2″ to the length as the pattern envelope doesn’t actually tell you how long it will be (even though it gives finished lengths for the other 2 views) and looking at the pattern picture I wanted mine longer than the drawing has hers.  In the end I went back and took one inch off before doing a 1.5 cm narrow hem (yes, I mix my units of measurement all the time when sewing, keeps it interesting!).

I was going to put on the sleevey things but I realised that I live in England and 90% of the time I will be wearing this under a cardigan and they would just bunch up and get creased and generally be a pain in the ass so I left them off.  I  sewed on one of the armhole facings and then was just playing about with it before trimming the seam and realised that it would look quite nice if I turned the facing to the outside rather than the inside.  Of course that meant unpicking the one I’d just done but at least I’d not trimmed the seam at that point.  I like the way it frames the black at the sides the way the neck binding frames it so I’m glad I went back and changed it.

All in all I’m happy with these 2 and am looking forward to wearing them.  Of course it’s just like me to finish 2 short sleeve/sleeveless cotton shirts right when the weather is getting cold!


4 thoughts on “Dotty and Flowery

  1. I love your Lisette- the dots are so cute on it. I love that you didn’t use a contrast fabric but the details still show so nicely. I’ven been wanting to try the 2nd pattern, but binding scares me- very pretty!

  2. Lovely Lisette! The pocket-free version comes up narrower, so beware! It has different side pieces. I haven’t seen the other pattern before – intriguing!

  3. Hello! Thanks for leaving me a comment & leading me to your blog – I recognise you now from MMJ & now SSS!
    I’m enjoying reading your blog, knitting as well as sewing – some lovely things. But, must say, what a fab tunic – the fabric choice is awesome. It seems to work really well. This is on my “to make ” pile, but it’s got to wait its turn …. but it might end up jumping the queue. The other top has an interesting yoke – looks complicated, but you seem to have cracked it – it looks great

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