Self-Stitched September ’11 Week 4

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So here we are with another week’s Self-Stitched garments.  This week was about knitwear and shirts by the look of things with a few pairs of socks thrown in along the way for good measure.  I know I knit a lot of cardigans and make a lot of shirts but it’s not until you keep track of what you’re wearing day after day that you really notice.  However, I make so many of both that you don’t see many of the same things over and over (just the shop bought black cardigans which are so easy to wear that I over-use them).

The weather is getting colder by the day here so I’m trying to wear my sleeveless or thin fabric summer shirts a few times more before it’s too cold to get away with them even under a cardigan.  The black bow neck shirt was a big hit on Flickr this week, as was the art teacher cardigan which I continue to wear even though I catch it on every single door handle I pass and am not sure it suits me.

I haven’t sewn at all since finishing off the Built By Wendy shirt which I also wore this week.  I just haven’t felt drawn to make anything and I’ve also been caught up in watching Castle from start to current episodes which has meant that knitting has been doing quite well.  I finished off my September socks and have done a few inches of my October ones using the Gentleman Socks pattern which is easy and nice to knit.  I’m using some of my Wendy Happy stash and the stripes aren’t quite how I would have wanted them to be but I’m going with it.

I’ve also been working on the Radian Yoke, I’ve taken the stitches for the sleeves off the needles and am about an inch off of starting the waist shaping.  The bamboo is lovely to work with but my hands aren’t great at the moment so I’m having to take a lot of breaks along the way.  Once I’ve done another couple of balls on it I will go back and do the sleeves so I know how much yarn I have left for length.  The cotton of Callie is just too hard on my hands this week so I’ve put it away for a little bit which is annoying as I was making good progress on it, hopefully I can get back to it soon.

No progress on anything else this week although I have done about a row of the leftover sock yarn on the new sock yarn blanket I’m doing.  Don’t expect to see it anytime soon though as it’s not even big enough for a doll yet!

And onwards…


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