Last of the September Makes

I finished both of these at least a week ago, just haven’t gotten around to posting them yet!

First up are my September socks.  I’m still on track to manage to knit 1 pair a month, in fact I’m a few inches into the October sock already!  These are Spring Forward from Knitty Summer 2008 by Linda Welch.

The yarn is Yarntopia Treasures Bamboo Cotton in Figi and I used 2.25mm needles.  I love this colourway.  It’s funny that socks tend to be the only place I use purple as I don’t sew with it very often at all, I can think of 2 things in my wardrobe that I’ve sewn that are purple and yet it shows up in my sock and shawl yarn purchases all the time!

I’m a big fan of Yarntopia Treasures and buy something at least every few months.  There seem to be very few affordable hand dyed vegan yarns out there and her colours are so pretty.  I just got an order on Friday which had enough of a sport weight cotton to knit a vest so I’m excited to get to that soon.

I have had in my mind for a while now using a synthetic knit I’ve had in my stash for many many years to make a simple dress.  I wasn’t sure which pattern I wanted to use though so it just hung about in my brain until my last order from Sewing Patterns dot com arrived and I got Simplicity 1989.  This is one of those simple single garment patterns that Simplicity have introduced.  I read someone suggesting that they are trying to get us used to just getting 1 garment on a pattern instead of multiples which I guess may be true, we’ll see.

I actually have another similarly sized piece of this fabric still in the stash plus the leftovers from this dress so it’ll come out again at some point.  The pattern wasn’t intended for knits but this knit doesn’t actually have much of a stretch to it so I figured it would be ok and I was right.  I used the bias binding around the neckline as the pattern stated to give it stability and I also used some on the shoulder seams to stop them stretching out (normally I’m too lazy to bother).

I’m really happy with this dress, it’s just what I wanted it to be and I’m sure I’ll use this pattern again and again, in fact I’ve been trying to think whether I have any other fabrics I could put to use for it in the stash.

I have been entering my patterns into a program called Evernote over the last few months and have discovered that I have a huge amount of patterns for dresses.  Can you remember the last time I wore a dress?  I can actually, it was in Me Made June and that dress is now a shirt because I hated the way it looked on me!  I have decided that this will be the winter of the dress.  I’ve ordered some thick winter tights and I have plenty of cardigans, fabric and patterns so hopefully I will get some made and wear them regularly.  Well, that’s the plan anyway…


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