What I Did This Weekend

My friend Cybele some time ago offered me a box of fabric that her children had outgrown and she wasn’t going to use.  For an age it sat in her house because I never organised a courier for it…  Then a few weeks back I was bitching on Twitter about a courier not showing up when they were supposed to and was offered a free delivery by another courier company.  I won’t say who gave the free courier as their service was pretty crap and it took a lot of work to actually get the free code they gave me to work, but in the end the box arrived at my house and my boys were thrilled with the contents.

I immediately knew what I was going to do with most of the fabric and as the boys were away this past weekend I made a list and got on with it which makes a nice change!  Almost everything was simple and quick, I did have to trace a few new patterns but that didn’t take long.

First up were two Kwik Sew hooded fleece sweatshirts, it’s been ages since I’ve worked with fleece and it was a little odd as I didn’t have to get up and iron any seams so I sewed them right through start to finish one after the other!

T4 from Sewing for Toddlers for Piggle, it is only going to last this winter, he always outgrows tops before he does trousers for some reason.

From Sewing for Children size Medium for Jim. He doesn’t like football but he does like stars and bright colours so he’s very pleased with this.

Next up were the first of the winter pajamas for this year. The fabrics for the tops came from my stash.

Ottobre 4/05 #20 and KSSFC
Bad picture as you can’t see that the top has curved top-stitched raglan seams.  The bottoms are Kwik Sew Sewing for Children size Medium with an inch added in length and the legs straightened a bit. The top is a new one for me, it’s Ottobre 4/05 #20. I got a bee in my bonnet about wanting to make a v-neck top for some reason. The V is quite low on him at the moment but he loved this set and wore them happily right away!

Kwik Sew 3126 and Ottobre 1/08 #27
More curved top-stitched raglan seams for Piggle, trousers from Kwik Sew 3126 size T4 with an inch added to the length again and the top is Ottobre 1/08 #27 size 98 (when did he get so big?). I used this same flannel for Jim many years back so it was nice to see it in the box and Piggle loved it, he actually cried in the morning because he didn’t want to take his pajamas off and get dressed!

I was thinking whilst I was sewing these that neither of my children have had a pair of shop bought pajamas. They both came out of sleepsuits at about the age of 1 so combining their ages I have sewn 10 years of pajamas so far! They are the one thing I don’t keep from Jim to Piggle as Piggle gets quite a few secondhand things (although not so many as when he was younger as Jim wears more out before outgrowing it now). I figured that if he was having used everything else that it would be nice to have pajamas that were made just for him in patterns that he liked. I have just placed an order for enough flannel for 6 more pairs of pajamas for the boys as my stash is getting incredibly low on it. I’ll do them one more pair each this year and save the rest for next year.

There was a nice big piece of flannel in the box and I had fancied a new pair of pajama bottoms for myself so I whipped up a pair using my usual Ottobre 4/05 pattern.

Ottobre 4/05 #36

To make them full length (the pattern is cropped) I added 9 inches and did a one inch hem. There is still enough of this flannel left for one of the boys to have some pajamas from it but I will leave it a year or two so we’re not matchy matchy!

So, that was it for the weekend but I wasn’t done yet! I still had two more tops in mind using some lovely terry knit from the box. I also had plans for some trousers for Piggle but on Sunday evening we went through the box I keep of things that are too big for them and now Piggle has about 12 pairs of trousers so I will leave the fabric for another time.

Monday I put this together for Piggle using Ottobre 1/05 #5 which I’ve used twice before in different sizes for Jim.

Ottobre 1/05 #5

The ribbing isn’t actually ribbing, it’s some sort of really stretchy thickish knit that I got in a box of stuff from someone else. There was only a quarter yard of it so I threw it in with my other ribbing and it worked really well for this sweatshirt. I have another sweatshirt cut out for Jim using the same pattern as his pajama top above I just haven’t gotten around to putting it together yet and I’m now not sure when I will get a chance as I’ve had to take my sewing table down and move some stuff out of the room as the boiler is dead and the plumbers wanted to get to the water tanks that are in my sewing room. There may be light at the end of the tunnel of what could be a huge disruption to the sewing room in that if they replace the boiler with a combination one the tanks won’t be needed anymore and can be removed which will make my sewing room quite a bit bigger, we’ll see what the landlord decides to do though, I’m glad I’m not paying for this as both plumbers who came out today did that ‘ohhhh, that’s going to cost a lot of money’ routine that workmen like to do!


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