The Knit/Wear Project

During Self-Stitched September I was going through my boxes of knitwear (I long ago ran out of room in my chest of drawers for them) and thinking about all the things I’ve made over the years, how they’ve worn and whether I’ve worn them at all and I decided that it would be interesting, educational and fun (for me anyway) to go through my Ravelry projects list from oldest to newest wearing and discussing the garments.

I say educational because I’ve learnt a lot from making things about what I like to make, what I like to wear, how I like things to fit and what I make for fun knowing that I probably won’t wear it.  I’m not a ‘process knitter’, yes, I love to knit but I’m very much about the finished object.  I like to make things, which means I like to see things finished and I’ve often been guilty (in both sewing and knitting) of rushing into and through a project only to discover that it doesn’t suit me or that I actually didn’t like it.  On the other hand I’ve made things that I adore and will wear for years and years until they fall apart.  The middle ground is filled with garments that get the occasional outing or disappear from my wardrobe and I’m not quite sure where they went or when I got rid of them.

So I am going to undertake a project to wear and discuss the things that I’ve knit.  I’m not setting a time limit on it and I’m not saying that I have to wear something every day or even every week but what I will do is take one item at a time in chronological order from the list and give it an outing and then discuss it here.  Hopefully it will be as interesting for all of you out there as it seems to me!

My projects on Ravelry begin in January 2005. This blog has actually been running about 6 months longer than that but I have lost most of the photos from the earlier entries somewhere along the way.  I figure there has to be a definite starting point so I’m going to go with where Ravelry begins (there must be a reason I started documenting from that date).  Fittingly with this being the year I look to accomplishing my pair of socks a month the first project on my page is socks, I’ll tell you about them soon.


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