Knit/Wear Post 1

Broadripple Socks

I would have sworn to you that these socks were still in my chest of drawers but they’re not and a pair I thought weren’t are so I’m assuming that these were the ones that got a hole in them and were thrown away and not the others.

These are Broadripple Socks finished January 2005 (do I really need to link to that pattern?) made using Sock It To Me yarn. This yarn came to me from a lady, Emma, who read my blog in the early days. She would leave the occasional comment and one day (in November 2004) said she’d like to send me something. What I got was a box with yarn for 2 pairs of socks (including pattern recommendations which I followed) and other yarn and a pattern booklet. It was an incredibly generous gift from someone I really didn’t and still don’t know and a lovely welcome to the knit blogging community.

The project is about going in the order Ravelry has things listed so also from January 2005 but listed as my second project are the very first pair of socks I ever knit.

Comfy Socks

The pattern is called Pretty Comfy Socks and why I decided to knit the lacy pair first rather than the plainer Broadripples I have no idea!  The yarn for these was Cascade Fixation, again from Emma.  I would really recommend using Fixation or similar yarn for any knitter’s first pair of socks as it’s knit on 3.25mm needles which makes it quick and easy to see the construction instead of trying to deal with a much greater number of tiny stitches.

And here they were yesterday, still in use almost 7 years after being made!

I had no idea there was a dropped stitch on the left toe until I pulled out the camera!  After taking the photo I fixed it and sewed it back in.  I’m not surprised that a stitch came loose from my first ever Kitchner toe though!

These socks are not the most comfortable in the world.  I find that I can feel the texture of them under my feet as I walk which isn’t very nice.  I guess it could be the fact that they’re quite thick, there are only certain shoes I can wear Fixation socks with.  I guess the fact that they’re not all that comfortable could be why they have lasted so long, they aren’t the first to be pulled out of the drawer!

The sock knitting bug big hard in January 2005 as this was another pair I made that month!

Westport Waves Socks

These are Westport Waves socks using Schoeller Esslinger Fortissima Cotton Colori. I can’t remember where that yarn came from (and it’s not noted in my blog either) or why I picked this pattern. I wouldn’t use either again though as I never loved these socks very much and they wore out very quickly and went into the rubbish a good few years back.

And while we’re looking at things from this month this was a sweater that I finished as well (apparently I did nothing but sit and knit all day!).

Big Sack Sweater

This is the Big Sack Sweater from the first Stitch ‘n Bitch book. I received the yarn, Bernat Softee Chunky from Susie as a RAOK  (the knit blogging world was so personal and kind back then, probably because it was also much smaller) and it’s knit mainly on 6mm needles so it would have been quick. This was my first cable and I loved the look of this sweater. Nowadays, however, I would know from the finished schematics and the fact that the sweater’s name had the word ‘sack’ in it that these kind of garments just do not suit me. I’m too short-waisted and too heavy for them. I donated this sweater to a charity shop a few of years after I made it and I only ever wore it a couple of times around the house. It was a good learning experience though and after doing the cable I wasn’t afraid of them any more and moved onto other cables with ease!

So, that’s it for January 2005. I probably won’t cover as many garments in each post in the future but as only one of these projects survives today it seemed logical to round them all up at the same time!


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