Couple of Things

I’m not feeling very well this week, Piggle brought home some kind of virus from school and very kindly passed it to me as he likes to sleep in my bed when he’s not feeling well.  Yesterday I kept listing to the right whilst walking, it made for an interesting day…

Anyway, I’ve finished off a couple of things and I never did my WIP update so I thought I’d get something posted.  First up is a finished knitted thingy.

This is the Radian Yoke, brought to you mainly by my watching Castle from start to current!  I used RYC Bamboo Soft in the Pepper colour and it took me just over 8 balls.  The pattern is in Knitscene Summer 2011.  Knitscene is the only knitting magazine I buy and there are always at least 5 things, usually more, that I want to make from each issue.

My yoke isn’t as loose as the one in the pattern photo so I’m thinking maybe the model was wearing one that was too big for her.  The stitch for the yoke was easy but effective and it flew, I thought I had another section to do and was totally taken by surprise when I realised I was done with that bit.

There are darts front and back for a bit of shaping, garter stitch around the edges and vents too.

You can see how my gauge changed from knitting in the round to knitting back and forth.  There really wasn’t a lot I could have done besides changing needles all the time as you go from back and forth to in the round a lot on this pattern so I’m hoping it will even out over time.

I loved the Bamboo Soft, it was lovely to work with and knitted up really evenly.  It is stretchy and drapy but on 3.75mm needles it doesn’t feel like it’s going to grow and grow.  There did seem to be quite a few knots, but that’s Rowan yarns in general from my experience, I have to stop being lazy and cut the yarn rather than trying to get away with just ignoring it and carrying on.  Where I’ve sewn the ends in shows a little bit at the moment but normally that evens out with wear and washing too.  I have more of this yarn for 2 more projects and I’m looking forward to knitting with it again.

I had to dismantle my sewing room so they plumber could fit an immersion heater as our boiler broke and it could be a few weeks before we get a new one (of course the weather has changed from warm to autumnal since it broke).  Once I got the table set up again I whipped up this sweatshirt for Jim using the same pattern I made his pajama top from, Ottobre 4/05 #20.

This is stretch terry again and I used the fabric on the bias for the neckband and also added 2cm to the width of it as I thought it would look better for a sweatshirt.  This was really fast and he likes it so it’s a win.

So, the WIPs:

Sewing – I am working on a Vogue shirt at the moment, I got about a third of the way in before I got too ill to work on it more.  It is a slippy fabric and has french seams so I need to wait until my brain really is working again before I try again. When that is done I’d like to finish the Lisette trousers I got halfway through and gave up on and then see what else is on the pile I’ve been making.  I have some dress patterns out but I need to have a dig through the stash and see what I can find to use for them so they’re suitable for winter.

In the knitting and crochet I have started yet another crochet blanket which I really didn’t need to do as I already have 2 on the go but what can you do when you get an idea and want to get on with it?!?  I realised I had a lot of odd balls of bamboo and soya yarn in my stash so I pulled them all together and found a pattern.  I’ve been doing either an octogon or a square each day and it will continue to keep growing slowly.  I am using a smaller hook than the pattern says so I think I’ll have to do extra rows and I probably don’t have enough yarn yet but it’s in progress and will get there one day!

Once I finished the Radian Yoke I cast straight on for the Seaweed Cardigan which is an Interweave Knits pattern I snagged during their big sale.  I am using Sirdar Just Soy which was given to me by a Ravelry member a year or so back.  I found a pattern that specified this yarn and then I fell out of love with it and came across this pattern and the two matched.  This yarn is so soft and is knitting up so nicely, I’m really enjoying it, although I haven’t been able to work on it the last few days due to the foggy head.

I’m past the heel of my first October sock and the foot should hopefully not take too long.  It’s an easy pattern I just need to put in the time to get these done.

I haven’t worked on my Granny Stripe Blanket or on Callie or Link.  I really must get on with all of them but they just aren’t holding my attention at the moment.  I’d like to finish Link this month if I can but until my head works right again there’s no way I’m picking it up!

The main reason I want to finish Link is because I cast on for my next shawl project already!  I bought some Color Changing Yarn from Wolle’s Yarn Creations (ads are on Ravelry all the time) and have cast on for Citron using a green and grey mix.  I’ve done the first 2 sections but of course it gets bigger and bigger so it’s going to take a while, but I’m enjoying it and I’ve wanted to make it for ages but didn’t have the right yarn until now.

So, I think that’s it, all up to date.  I’m off to do a few more squares of the new blanket and the see what takes my fancy next!



2 thoughts on “Couple of Things

  1. margaret says:

    Your sweater turned out really nice. I also love the look of the crochet afgan with the octagons you are working on. I can only do the most basic crochet. Do you think that pattern is too hard for a beginner? Hope you feel better soon. Hard taking care of the kids when you don’t feel well.


  2. Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling too well – we have been sick over here as well ! I’m really interested in your posts on the projects you have made and how you’ve worn them – most of my knitting has been donated as we have no need for it – and I’ve lost most of my photos of my project too – sad – so I’m interested to see yours. x

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