Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo

I seem to have been on a bamboo kick as the last 4 projects I’ve finished have been made using bamboo.  You’ve seen the first one so I’ll bring you up to date with the others.

First up we have the October socks:

These are the Gentleman Socks which is a free pattern.  I used 2.5mm needles and Wendy Happy in Gemini.  I love the colours in these and the wide and narrow stripes.  I don’t think they needed to do the brown and white mixed stripes as it kind of takes away from the patterning.

Anyway, the first sock there are a few errors.  I started to do the pattern on the sole of the foot as the pattern suggests to keep the gusset tight but I just couldn’t keep the stitch count correct for some reason so I gave up after 2 rows and couldn’t face tinking back in this splitty yarn.  There is also an error in the last few pattern repeats where I apparently lost track of where I was in the very simple pattern and repeated 2 rows rather than moving on.  I don’t think either are particularly noticeable so I’m living with them!

The colour matching is really down to luck in the end.  I did rip out and cast on again to try to get them to match up but whilst making the second sock I came across 2 joins, the first of which was randomly attached to a different section of the repeat so I had to figure out where I was and cut the yarn to that part (I’ve just realised I never sewed these ends in so I guess I’d better go back and do that!) and the second join was pretty much matched up so I’m very lucky that these socks are anything like each other at all let alone so close!

Next up I finally finished off Link.  I cast on for this in January and have worked on it here and there and concentrated on it several times to try to get it done and never managed it until now.

I used 100% bamboo from Yarntopia Treasures in Red Sea.  There is 600 yards in each skein of this yarn and I kept knitting until I thought I was almost done with the yarn and then did the final edging.  I do have some left, I probably could have done another full pattern repeat but after having done 20 pattern repeats I was kind of past it!  The finished length after blocking is 83″ so I think that’s long enough (I blocked it to 10″ wide as I wanted to open up the pattern but not have a really wide scarf).

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern even though it did seem to go on forever.  Don’t be put off by the pattern saying that it’s advanced lace. The only reason it says that is because the stitch count doesn’t remain consistent but I managed to knit the whole thing and never count the stitches once I’d cast on, there’s simply no need to check if you can follow a chart and this chart is really not difficult.

This bamboo is incredibly soft and I have lots more of it stashed for future projects!  The only thing I don’t like about this particular colourway is that whatever the dyer used to rinse it with really has a strong fragrance.  It’s some kind of washing powder and being sensitive to smell, particular synthetic ones, I found it quite annoying.  Saying that, I wore it all day today and it didn’t bother me so maybe I rinsed some of it out before the blocking.  It is so drapey that it doesn’t stay blocked to the width either but I’m ok with that.

Finally for today is a really quick project right off the back of the project that took forever!  Link took me almost 11 months and Xeriscape took me 9 days!

Remarkably too this yarn never made it into my stash, I bought it, wound it and cast on with it all within 2 days!  My Mum and I did a quick visit to a local wool and spinning show.  It was mainly wool but I found this skein of 100% bamboo for £5 so picked it up to show support to local business.  There was no yardage on it so I weighed 2 yards of it and then multiplied and was about right that there was 250y of it, there wasn’t much left when I finished this anyway!

It’s  a really simple pattern and very well written in that it gives you a chart with what your stitch count should be at each increase and decrease.  I really enjoyed knitting this and I’m thinking of making another one with a different yarn that I have in my stash at some point.  It’s different from all my other straight or triangular shawlettes and scarves.

So that’s up to date on my knitting.  I still have some sewing to catch you up on soon and some Knit/Wear Project items.  I’m finding it hard to figure out how to fit in sewing let alone blogging about it at the moment but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually!


One thought on “Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo

  1. really beautiful knitting… I love how you’ve matched up the coloured stripes on the socks perfectly (I’ve knitted socks in multicoloured yarn myself, so I do notice these details!!)
    Your scarf is quite magnificent, and worth all the months of knitting; well done! The colours are simply gorgeous!

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