Knit/Wear Post 2

This is Leftovers from Knitty Winter 2004 which I finished February 2005.  The yarn is horrible squeaky acrylic but I do love the variegated colours in the stripes which is why I keep it and still wear it occasionally.  This vest wasn’t made from leftovers, I bought the yarn on Ebay specifically for it and I followed the stripe pattern suggested in the pattern as I’d not knit stripes before!  As it’s acrylic is has pilled but not faded and I’m sure it will last many more years and will come out a few times a year to see the world.

The next sweater I made was Pin-up Queen

Pin-up Queen

I loved this pattern and didn’t mind working on it despite the huge amount of ribbing involved, however I made a huge mistake buying textured yarn for it and it stretched terribly and we fell out of love very quickly.  I will one day make this again, the pattern is from Stitch N’ Bitch, in a better yarn and wear it to death.  I did learn an awful lot about decreasing and increasing though and in how to read my knitting so that I could keep the ribbing going.  I believe this ended up at a charity shop not so long after it was completed in February 2005.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for the Onion pattern give away which ends on Monday!


One thought on “Knit/Wear Post 2

  1. Cecilia says:

    Love the sweater! Would love to win an Onion pattern too but maybe this is not the place to leave that comment 🙂

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