Sewing- Pyjamas and a Shirt

I re-joined the Color Me Flannel Co-op on Yahoogroups a few months back having finally sewed up almost all the flannel I bought from Dena last time around!  I needed 1 more pair of pyjamas each for the boys for this winter but also stocked up on some prints that they liked for future winters.  It is expensive with the shipping but no more expensive than finding good quality flannel prints in the UK, swings and roundabouts I guess.

This is a new pattern I’ve used for Jim, although I didn’t use the pattern for the trousers as it is a one piece pattern and I didn’t have enough fabric to fit it on.  Jim now needs almost 3 yards of fabric for a pair of traditional pajamas, I can’t believe how big he’s getting!  The pattern is Simplicity 2134 and I used the 8-year-old size.  The trousers are Kwik Sew Sewing for Children size M with the legs straightened and some length added.  For summer I will be moving up to size L I think and the 9-year-old shirt pattern as, as you can see, these fit him right now but if he grows at all that’s that!

These are Piggle’s last winter pair of pyjamas this year using Kwik Sew 3126 for the final time for my boys (sob!).  I will be moving onto either the pattern I’m using for Jim or using some of the Ottobre tracings I have from when Jim was that size.

I’ve actually got out a lot of the fabric for summer pajamas and I may start sewing early for them. As I’m making larger sizes I don’t think they’ll grow out of them before they get to wear them!

I finally found some fabric in Boyes and got around to making Vogue 1247.  I’ve loved this shirt pattern since it came out but didn’t have anything in my stash that I thought would do it justice.  The fabric is a synthetic mix that they had on sale and I got some in brown as well for something in the future as it was on sale.

There is a lot of shaping and work that goes into the front with the lower front being made up of 4 pieces cut on the bias and the top having darts and pleats.  All of the seams for this shirt are french seams too so that added more to the work.

There is a centre seam down the back and more pleats along with a curved hem.

Finally, there are sleeve bands cut on the bias, I like the way the plaid works in a different direction here.

I knew that the plaid wasn’t going to match in most places and in fact at the front I didn’t want it to match, I wanted it to be noticeable that it goes in different directions.  Maybe to make more of that I should have cut the centre fronts separately so that they look different rather than mirroring each other.

I have to admit when I finished this I felt very blah about it.  It hung in my wardrobe for a few weeks before I pulled it out and stuck it on.  I was expecting something really special that would knock my socks off and instead I got an ok shirt that I will wear now and again.  I can’t pinpoint what I’m so disappointed about though.  The plaid is working how I expected, the different construction methods were fun and interesting and having made a size smaller than the pattern suggests for my measurements I didn’t end up with something huge and shapeless.

You can see what it looked like on here if you’re interested.  The neckline is very low, I knew this and didn’t bother changing it as I’m happy to wear it with a tank top or a long sleeve t-shirt underneath.

So, two wins and a sort of growing on me win!  I seem to be very into grey and black at the moment so I’d not be surprised if more of these colours come out of my sewing room this winter.


2 thoughts on “Sewing- Pyjamas and a Shirt

  1. So many pieces! It is so hard to know what something will be like once it is made up. I like the crazy patchwork effect of plaid going in every direction 🙂
    And flannel pjs are just the thing – I wish my kids would wear sensible warm clothes in winter but they are too big to listen to me anymore!

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