When Stash Attacks!

My sewing room has been distributed all over the upstairs of the house due to the fact that a new central heating system is being installed in there.  I didn’t have anywhere else to put the fabric so I began to stack it at the end of my bed as and when it needed removing.  The plumbers did offer to put it back each night but as it was really dusty in there and stank from all the soldering of pipes that had been going on I decided to leave it in my room.

Just to give you an idea of the height of the stack the green bit at the front of the picture is my bed!

It seemed like a good idea at the time, however, a one day job turned into a 3 day job and then they didn’t show up for the 4th day which left the fabric at the end of the bed over the weekend with the ever-increasing issue that my wardrobe, and therefore all my trousers, shirts and pyjamas (that live in the bottom of the wardrobe), were trapped behind it…

The good news is that I am thinking of reorganising my sewing room and buying myself some big shelves to store the fabric on as the new boiler has been installed where it was previously being stored.  I also managed to locate a couple of pieces of fabric I’ve been looking for for a while that were buried!


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