What Well Dressed Wizards are Wearing

Just to clarify this wasn’t a Halloween costume, it’s a ‘Jim and I are reading Harry Potter (we’re on book 4 now) and he wanted to dress like he was attending Hogwarts and in Gryffindor house costume’.  I had actually ordered the wizard costume patterns (I got an adult sized on too as 8 is the final size of the kids one and I wasn’t sure which pattern I would need to use) before we even thought about Halloween, but as we don’t trick or treat and there wasn’t a school disco I finished this off the week after all that was over!  The pattern I used is Simplicity 5512.

I bought 7 metres of black polycotton for this but I actually could have gotten away with less, firstly because I decided not to make the hat (he’s not asked where his hat is yet and I’m not mentioning it, the pattern calls for 2 kinds of wire which is a bit scary) and also because I cut the main cloak sections sideways rather than lengthways.  This does mean that the grain of the fabric is all wrong but it’s polycotton for god’s sake and it’ll probably be used more to make tents from than worn as a robe anyway.  I also bought 11 metres of bias biding and could have again gotten away with less but both these things are worth having in the stash anyway and weren’t that expensive.

The pattern actually calls for every edge to have jumbo rickrack added to it and then the bias binding sewn over the top.  I’ve not seen jumbo rickrack over here and the idea of sewing all that on and then the bias binding on was too much for me anyway!  My bias binding is sewn on as one piece around the neckline, centre fronts and bottom, my mitre corners aren’t perfect but they look ok.

The front and back of the robe have yokes which were easy to do as there is no gathering involved.  I did make things slightly more time-consuming by doing french seams on the whole thing.  I don’t have any black overlocker thread and white inside this would have looked awful plus the strength of double seams will work in my favour when it comes to having to mend it after they have had a tug of war or their tent falls down…

I took 3 inches off the bottom of the robe as it was much too long for him and I didn’t want him tripping up.

This photo makes me laugh, don’t all Wizards wear camo slippers?!?

Under the robe is a tabard to hide your everyday clothes.  It’s very simply two pieces of fabric connected at the shoulders with a small hem around all the other edges.  The belt is just cord which I have attached to the back to prevent them from hanging each other with it, having to constantly search for it or being asked over and over again which way around it goes when he puts it on (I value my sanity).

Jim and I are both very happy with this and should Piggle set his heart on a matching one I may just have enough of the fabric left for a cloak for a 4-year-old.


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