Knit/Wear Post 3

These are my Retro Rib socks which were completed in March 2005.  The pattern is from Interweave Knits (Ravelry has it listed as being from a book) and the yarn is Lornas Laces Shepherd Stripe Multi in Fresh Stripe which I won from a blog competition, although I can’t remember who the blog belonged to after all these years.  I no longer enter competitions for yarn containing wool, this was the last time I did.

I have to say that I don’t understand what the attraction is for this yarn.  I find these socks incredibly floppy, they don’t stay up and they don’t hold their shape well.  I hate it when the yarn patterns differently on socks too, if it’s going to do a huge stripe on one it should on the other one too surely?  The colours have lasted well, although due to the floppiness I don’t actually wear them all that often so they’ve not been washed many times.

Sole Solution Socks

These are Sole Solution socks finished in April 2005.  I didn’t get this pattern from where it’s listed on Ravelry, the yarn is Bernat Sox Multi which I bought off Ebay.  This yarn is so acrylic is makes your teeth hurt and the socks came up a bit too baggy for me so the went off to live with my sister to wear with wellington boots on her farm.

Samantha's Fixation Socks

These are Samantha’s Fixation Socks finished April 2005 (I don’t think I did anything but knit in early 2005…).  The pattern was Knit List and the yarn I can’t remember, although it is Fixation and not a copy.  These socks were worn to death and got holes in them, I was sad to see them go.

Two more no longer with me knits and something I’m still wearing all the time coming up soon!


2 thoughts on “Knit/Wear Post 3

  1. I have “a thing” for Lorna’s Laces which is something to do with the thrill of the chase in trying to locate the pefect stitch number and needle size to achieve a stripe. I did it for sock one of my Retro Ribs… are you telling me that sock 2 might not be the same? Eek! I like the colours too and they wear well, so all is not lost!

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