Catching Up Again

I have yet to find a university/sewing/knitting/home life balance of any kind. I am still in the stage where whatever I’m doing I feel like I should be doing something else which makes it really hard to concentrate on or enjoy anything.  I’ll get there one day but until then it seems that blogging is suffering as when I do have time/allow myself to spend time doing something other than raising two children or doing University work I want to sew or knit rather than write about it!

So, here are some pictures that have been lurking on my computer for too long and some commentary to go with them!

I bought some more flannel from the Co-op I rejoined, she had some robot flannel which I knew the boys would love and also this fabulous owl print (I love owls and have quite a few pictures and china ones around my house, I’m also very slowly collecting fabric for an owl quilt should I ever finish the first quilt that’s been sitting there 2 years so far).

The selvedge says that it’s from Joannes which I guess means it’s common and readily available to those of you in the US but even with air mail postage it comes in cheaper than buying flannel in this country and we really don’t get much of a choice of prints either.

I used my standard Ottobre pattern for these lengthening it as usual from cropped to full length and I remembered to add the seam allowance to these making them a lot more comfortable than the last pair I made.  I’ve worn these tons already and will continue to do so until it’s too warm for them and then I’ll be sad until I can wear them again.

These are my November socks from a pattern/recipe called Socks of Kindness (the English version is on Flickr not the pdf link).  The yarn I used for these was bamboo cotton by Yarntopia Treasures in the colourway Tango.  I adore the way the black has striped and I think these are gorgeous!  The dye did make my fingers and the needles a bit pink but with the amount of colour that this yarn has I’m not surprised or worried about it.

I finished these about 2/3 of the way through November and felt all smug and happy that I had ages until I needed to finish the final pair for my ‘pair of socks a month self challenge’.  I then remembered that on the 20th of December I am having carpel tunnel surgery on my right hand so I need to get the final pair done by then (I’m on schedule having turned the heel of the second sock today).

For those of you who’ve been reading forever may recall back in the mists of time I had issues with my hands after Jim was born.  Some physio sorted that out eventually and I was fine and dandy until I had Piggle when the problems returned.  This time around I have had 3 goes with the physio, x-rays, blood tests, consultations, wrist braces etc over the course of 4 years and nothing has worked.  They are pretty sure it’s carpel tunnel, although as with the majority of physical issues I get it’s not cut and dried (even the Dr said I don’t get plain and simple illnesses).  The specialist says that there is a 90% chance of getting full use of my hands back after the surgery so we’ll give it a go even though it’s been a logistical nightmare as I won’t be able to drive and will need a lot of help with the boys when I only have the use of one hand.  Once the right hand has recovered I have the joy or reorganising my whole life again so I can have the left one done…

The thing that has kept me going back over and over to try and sort this out (I am pretty used to dropping things being incredibly clumsy) is that my knitting is really not going well.  I have to stop halfway through a row to wait for the feeling to come back and the pain to subside and my knitting with 100% cotton is nowhere near as neat as I am used to and it’s depressing.  Not being able to do something I love because I’m not physically able is incredibly frustrating and I’m hoping that this surgery will sort it out and things can go back to their normal knitting whenever I can ways.

This would normally be the time of year I look at my knitting basket and bags and decide what I want off the needles by January 1st.  In fact I’ve mentally done the planning but there is no way I will be capable of getting it done, surgery or not, which is a shame.  I will be working through the pain and getting this sock done though, I’m not getting this far with the challenge and flaking out!

This is my version of  Onion 2031 which was one of the patterns I gave away recently.  Please excuse the bathroom shots, my dressform no longer fits in my sewing room and the hallway where it stands is too dark for photos.

The fabric is from Ebay, a shop called Price Immaterial which I bought a lot of fabric from for a while.  Sadly it now seems to have stopped selling, I check every now and again to see if it’s returned.  This is a cotton with a raised rib on it, sort of like cord but not.  Oddly the next garment I made for myself also is paisley, don’t have a picture of that to show you yet though.

I worried about the front of this dress and kept putting it off as I hate the slashing to the dot, turning it, ironing it and then realising that it’s completely wonky or not centred.  I seem to have done an ok job with this one though and the button is from my button box, it’s antique and I only had one.

The ribbon is actually from one of those annoying ones they sew in shop bought t-shirts to stop them falling off the hanger.  I tend to chop them off and throw them in the bag that goes to my son’s school for the cutting and sticking area but I dug out a black one to use for this.

The shoulders have elastic in them and they connect to the front in a slightly fiddly but oh so neat when you get it right.

And finally there are sleeve bands and pleats.  This pattern went together incredibly easily and quickly once I got over my unfounded fear and worked on the damn thing.  It does fit me, not as well as I’d like but that’s my gut’s fault and not the pattern’s.  Sadly it is too cold to wear it at the moment, even with a cardigan and tights so it will have to wait until Spring, but wear it I will!

I have two more pattern give aways to do which I will get to soon, promise!

I seem to have strayed away from my sewing to do list and am just grabbing whatever project I feel like at the time.  I’ve been pulling out fabric that I have a plan for and trying to get on with it.  I cut out two pairs of summer pyjamas for Piggle as I know he needs to go up a size and the fabric is there and waiting.  He’s picked the fabric for the third pair so I can cut those soon too.  Jim has fabric ready for two pairs, again he needs to go up a size so it’s safe to make them, but we need to have a dig and find something for the third pair as I think he’ll have grown out of last year’s ones by the time it’s warm enough to wear them (except for the dinosaur pair which are still pretty big).

I have a single Christmas present to make which I want to get done this weekend pre-surgery and I’m hoping to break the 100 metres/yards sewn barrier for the year, even if it’s by a tiny amount, I think that would be a great achievement even if I have bought about 70 odd to fill the space…

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more to show you!


5 thoughts on “Catching Up Again

  1. Sorry to hear about your hands! I get RSI but only when I subject my hands to a certain combination of activities: Excel pivot tables (so I have switched my mouse to the left hand), “stiff” knitting (cotton kills me and I can manage big plastic needles but small wooden dpns cause cramps) and driving in icy conditions – I think I grip the steering wheel harder than usual! Sometimes I wake up with completely “dead” arms from the elbow down, but I do find that changing my pattern of activity really helps.
    Love the owl fabric!
    I bet you would like these:

    I am dropping heavy hints to my daughter about a whale from the same seller!

  2. Sabine Puckert says:

    I have just seen you post while searching more information about how to sew this dress. I have done a wonderful job with it! Love it! I have bought the same pattern, however it is only in Danish. Do you any way to get the English translation? I have tried finding out what to do using a Danish/ German translator, but this only gives me single words, not full sent
    ences and somehow it still does not really make sense. Could you maybe send me the English description? My English is much better than my non existing Danish, so I would have a chance then.. 😉
    Kind regards,

  3. Sabine Puckert says:

    Sorry… finding my errors when reading my own words…
    “your post” of course and “YOU have done a wonderful job!” I haven´t, that is my problem…. 😉
    Typing too fast…

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