Let’s Get This Wrapped Up Then

The final two makes of the year need to be documented.

First up was this sweatshirt made from Simplicity 2192.

When I ordered this pattern I was convinced that the top was a sweatshirt pattern and I was totally surprised to read the fabric recommendations stating that it was actually a shirt.  I put it away disappointed and then when I stumbled across this piece of PRR sweatshirt (it came to me dyed that colour) fabric I thought what the hell it was worth giving it a go.

The pattern has some nice details to it

The bottom band is sewn on and then flipped to the outside.  I somehow managed to match the prints rather than avoiding a match even though the front and back were cut on the fold and the bands weren’t, didn’t even think about it or realise it until I took the pictures!  The sides of the bottom bound are rounded, for some reason I didn’t take a picture of that.

I like the neckline and its wide facing a lot even though it’s pretty wide.  As this is a sweatshirt I’m not worried about how wide it is as I’ll always be wearing a t-shirt under it but had I made a blouse it definitely would have been an issue with bra straps showing.

The only thing I would change about this sweatshirt would be to make a size smaller next time around.  I made the largest size thinking I wanted it a bit baggy and going by the pattern measurements and it’s just that too much baggy, I’d prefer it a little more fitted but I can live with it.

The final make of the year was the only hand-made Christmas present this year and it went to my Mother who had requested it and chosen the fabric at the Knitting and Stitching Show with me.

This is Jalie 2005 which I have made for her at least 3 times now, maybe more.  This is the v-neck version but I didn’t do the sewing of the front into a point, leaving it as a u-neck instead.  I added an inch to the length and to the sleeves as whenever I see her wearing the last one I made I think that it could do with being a touch longer.  The fabric was a lovely cotton synthetic knit with a lot of drape and I was very careful with pattern placement when cutting it out!  This pattern is so easy and goes together so well I really should use it for myself more but I suffer from always wanting to try something new!  My Mum loves the t-shirt and wore it on Boxing Day, can’t ask for more than that!

So, onto my round-up.  I’ve not done badly this year with my knitting or my sewing.  My final finished project counts are knitting 30 (same as last year) and sewing 78 (only 53 last year)!  Here’s how that works out


Socks – 12

Scarves -3

Jumpers -4

Cardigans – 7

Hats – 1

Blankets – 1

Dishcloths – 2


Kids Pyjamas -11

Baby outfit – 1

Kid’s Shorts and Trousers – 6

Kid’s Tops – 10

Dressing Gown – 1

Wizard Costume – 1

Shirts -15

Dresses – 4

Trousers -1

Skirts – 2

Pyjama Bottoms – 2

Underwear – 4

T-shirts and other Tops -13

Purse – 1

Sandwich Wraps – 2

Bags – 3

Apron – 1

In terms of using up the stash I didn’t have such a bad year either, in fact I have had the best year to date with the amount of fabric I used and the total difference of fabric going in and fabric going out.  I think the totals are helped by the fact that the boys are bigger now so there aren’t as many things I’ve made for them that use less than a metre and the 5 metres used for the Wizard outfit didn’t hurt either!  I had quite a bit of fabric that went in and then came right back out again having been used, such as the flannel for the winter pyjamas.  So, I’m proud to say that this year I sewed 102.5 metres/yards, I bought 73.25 metres/yards which means that my sewing room is currently holding a staggering 29.25 metres/yards less than it was this time last year!

I would like to get the amount of fabric in my sewing room down a bit more if I can and to keep my buying low.  Had I not bought a huge amount from someone clearing out their stash for £1 a metre and 20 yards of flannel my totals would have been amazing!  I am planning a trip to Brighton in the New Year where I always buy quite a bit, but as we’re travelling by train I will have to consider the weight of it this year.

Beyond the using of the fabric stash my goals for next year are to use up more of my knitting stash.  Now that my right hand is working (even though I can’t use it fully I can already knit!) I will hopefully be able to knit faster again and not spend half my knitting time waiting for the feeling to return to my hands.   I’m not ashamed of either of my stashes, I’ve bought them over a number of years, I very rarely pay anything near full price and it’s incredibly rare for me to find something in my stash that I don’t like anymore.  Fabric, yarn and books are my main vices which isn’t all that bad (I even quit smoking this year again, finally!).  Saying that I am feeling a little weighed down by the fact that I have yarn ready to use for 41 projects, and that’s not including yarn for socks or shawls which I tend to match up with a pattern right before I use them.  I have reached a point where I don’t buy yarn unless I can match it up to a pattern as I was fed up with leftover odd balls or yarn I couldn’t make anything with.  In fact to counter that problem I gave away a huge bag of yarn to a youth group this year and it felt so good to clear it all out (the odd balls I kept are being made into another crochet blanket very very slowly!).  I would like to get my list down to under 30 (I want to aim lower than that but I know that I will add new things as the year progresses and make things that aren’t on the list!) and to not buy yarn unless it’s not going to be available again (like shawl or sock yarn) or it’s a really good deal (i.e. the Rowan Cotton Jeans that I have bought for 4 projects because it was 99p a ball!), I’m also not ruling out souvenir yarn!

Life goals for this year are the same as they usually are except with the added incentive that I turn 40 in November and would like to not have some of them on my resolutions list again!  I want to lose the excess weight and get into an exercise routine that I like and can maintain.  Of course I also want to carry on paying off debts and saving money, work hard on the PhD, waste less money on crap I don’t need, travel more, read more and enjoy life more.  I possibly will move house as well if I can get past the fact that I own every single thing in this house and would have to pack and unpack it!  Is that asking too much of myself, I guess we’ll see!

Here’s to another productive and happy next year for us all!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Wrapped Up Then

  1. Goodness – you have done an amazing job this year with all your projects – I also admire your ability to keep track of it all so accurately ! I just do it and then forget about it – not that I have been doing that much recently in the creative department. Your resolutions are admirable I wish you good luck with them – mine are similar ! Have a wonderful 2012 and keep up the blogging x

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