All French Seams and Narrow Hems

Hello!  Yes, I am still here although what with odd viruses (all of us one after the other), half term, a writing assignment for University and general life the sewing has taken a bit of a back seat and I’ve not had time to write about the stuff I have actually managed to do!

So, here for your viewing pleasure are my two latest makes, one completed last weekend and the other completed today (after sitting half done all week as sewing black at night, which was the only time I could have worked on it, didn’t seem like such a smart idea).

First up, newest fabric in going right back out again which always feels nice.  We went to Brighton over half term and I stocked up in Fabricland and had a look around all the other fabric shops as well and came away with 6 metres of muslin from Ditto in really bright colours (yes, that’s all I got from Ditto, it was too expensive for my tastes and there was a lot of silk and wool in the things that did catch my eye).

This is from McCalls 6519, I guess having the spare copy on my desk to give away meant it worked its way into my brain!  This is a really simple top and I did the aforementioned french seams and narrow hems due to the thinness of the fabric.  The edges of the pocket were thoroughly soaked with fray check the night before I sewed this.  Not much to say about this type of garment, quick to make and hopefully easy to wear when the weather gets warmer.  I’m imagining this with a black pair of trousers and a black tank top under it as it is almost completely see through!

I tend to use a lot of prints and bright colours (in case you’ve not noticed) so I figured maybe it was about time I made a few plainer things to go with them!

This was another recent fabric purchase, but this time from Boyes.  The pattern is Simplicity 2147 and I used the short sleeves that are only shown with the dress version with the tunic length body.  I want something plainer to wear under my bright cardigans in the summer and black is always useful.  The tunic sleeves are belled and three-quarter which wouldn’t work very well with cardigans thus choosing the shorter sleeves.

This is an easy pattern (classed that way, it’s a learn to sew one) and the top is made in one piece and then attached to the bottom bit which has some pleats in it.  The back is basically the same as the front.

Again the thinness of the fabric dictated the narrow hems and french seams but I don’t find that either of those things take that much longer, especially when you’re working with such simple patterns.

Both these patterns called for bias binding around the neckline and the McCalls pattern wanted it around the sleeves too.  I know I’ve said it before but I’m not a big fan of bias binding, I find that it’s too stiff and you don’t get a nice shape with it.  Perhaps if I made my own using the same fabric as the garment it would be much better but I never have the inclination to do that and narrow hems are just as quick, if not quicker, and look really neat so I think I’ll stick with them for now!

I’ve got some knitting to show you, I seem to be on a scarf roll for some reason and have actually been finishing them quickly.  Hopefully I’ll be back sooner to show you those!


2 thoughts on “All French Seams and Narrow Hems

  1. I love that magenta colour! I keep thinking I would like some wafty voile tops for summer but then I would need another layer or two, which kind of defeats the object: one for decency and another for warmth!
    And I agree – it’s a very satisfying feeling when you use fabric soon after purchase. 🙂

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