Keeping Warm

I have apparently been obsessed with keeping warm when undertaking knitting of late as I have finished no less than 3 scarves and a dog jumper for a very cold lurcher/border collie cross.

This scarf is crochet from Circus yarn that I got from Kemps.  I think this particular colourway it probably called something like ‘clown puke’ but for some reason I just can’t resist hot pink mixed with eye achingly bright orange.  I found the ball of this when I was messing about in my stash and as I actually knew where my 3.5mm crochet hook was (an amazing thing, I think I’ve lost 3 4mm crochet hooks now, never lose knitting needles, just hooks) I followed the pattern on the ball band and a couple of days later had this really bright really long scarf which I’m very pleased with.  It was an easy make, kind of a throw away,  but it’s another ball of yarn out of the stash and made into something useful so win win.

This is Coleus which I cast on for almost right after I finished Citron.  The yarn is Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton 4ply, I snagged the last 3 balls from Kemps for 99p each which means that the pattern actually cost me more than the yarn to make it!  It wasn’t a hard pattern at all and was pretty enjoyable to make and I’m pleased with the results.

I didn’t block this as I don’t really have room and as I tend to wear it scrunched up around my neck anyway it doesn’t really need it.  I hadn’t realised that the design was leaves until I was making it as none of the finished pictures on Ravelry show it particularly clearly!

Next up was a coat for my sister’s dog Moss.

I have to admit to a split second of stupid panic when I sewed this up and saw that the armholes were on the bottom, my brain was saying that wasn’t right until I remembered that this was for a DOG and that dogs have their legs on the bottom…  The pattern is from Simple Knits With a Twist by Erika Knight and it’s supposed to have a bar code design on the back but I used up some Supersoft Aran that I’d given to my Mum as it when it arrived it was purple rather than the expected blue.

Moss doing a stellar modelling shot I think.  She’s a different size and shape to the dog in the picture (larger but with skinnier legs and a more severe difference in size between her ribcage and stomach) so I knit the pattern on 5mm needles using Aran yarn rather than 4mm with DK.  I also picked up less stitches for the ribbing so it would fit better around her legs and body.  She is apparently very happy with it and much warmer now (it’s been really cold this winter for what feels like forever) and my sister asked for a second one so that this one can be washed.  However, I am not a fan of knitting the same thing twice, especially in a row (I will sew the same pattern over and over though, go figure) so I fobbed it off on my Mother!

Finally, I was searching for a pattern to use up some of my Yarntopia Treasures bamboo laceweight collection and came across the pattern for Windward.  It’s a really interesting project, not difficult at all but the texture and direction of the knitting changes through various sections, hard to describe!

I was sure that I was going to run out of yarn but the final sections decrease really quickly and I was fine.  This was mainly knit whilst watching La Femme Nikita (yes, I am aware I’m 15 years behind the times) from start to finish!  I would totally recommend this pattern if you’re looking for a simple but interesting scarf/shawl.  Having just said I don’t knit things twice I know that I will come back to this when I have another colourway (this one is the 100% bamboo in Duck Egg) that I want to show off.

So, that’s up to date with the knitting.  The WIPS are still the Callie Bib Tee, although I only have the bib left to do now but have stalled as I don’t get the pattern instructions.  It gives you two rows of a lace pattern but the lace for the rest is a 4 row repeat and that’s what the pictures look like it should be so I’m a tad confused.  I am also working away on the Seaweed Cardigan.  The back took forever but the first front took me 4 days as it was only 1/3 as wide as the back (there is a wide bit of ribbing to do at the end.  I’m getting into my stride on the second front so hopefully it won’t take too much longer.  I’ve not worked on the socks I started on our trip to Brighton since we got back and Grenadine has stalled as well, but I’ll get back to those 2 after I get the other 2 done I figure.  I have been working on the crochet blanket here and there and I’m making progress, still got a long way to go but each row helps!

I’ve sewn this weekend but it’s too dark to get photos (it’s actually been snowing heavily here today but luckily seems not to have stuck) so I will take some soon as I can to share.


One thought on “Keeping Warm

  1. Your Windward is absolutely gorgeous! The colours!!!
    I need to investigate that pattern…
    And I like the texture of your Coleus – much more 3D than if you blocked it 🙂

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