Isn’t It Always the Way?

Last night I finally felt like sewing.  I found fabric for a pattern I’d printed out and taped together (always a lengthy process for me as I’m so uncoordinated I often end up stuck to the pattern instead of the pattern sticking together) a few days ago to try and tempt myself into making something, anything.  I finally selected fabric for it, going for something in the stash in the end rather than the fabric I’d specifically bought for the project earlier this week.  I cut it out while dinner was cooking and then waited patiently for the boys to go to bed.

Three seams and half an hour in, my iron died…  I loved my iron, it had served me faithfully for about 7 years.  I guess considering that when I got going with the sewing I would leave it turned on all day means that it probably had more wear and tear than irons usually get.  So, instead of making something new to wear today I spent an hour or so looking at irons on Amazon (I avoid real shops as much as humanly possible).  In the end I decided on a supposedly eco friendly one that turns off when it’s not used for a certain period of time.  I figure it will save electricity but I’m not sure yet if it will drive me insane having to wait for it to reheat whenever I want to iron a seam, only time will tell.  Also, it’s lime green, yes I really am that fickle…

It should be here sometime tomorrow (Prime delivery, totally worth the money for those of us lacking any kind of patience) and hopefully I will still feel like sewing.  I have 2 more projects that I’d like to get done is weekend if possible…


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