Catch Up

So, as I said, I’ve not really been feeling like sewing for a while now (well, just over a month but for me that’s a long while!).  I keep going in the sewing room and looking at things, matching fabric with patterns, cutting patterns, actually cutting fabric from time to time, but not really feeling like doing the actual sewing.  I was working on a dress very very slowly and then I lost part of the facing (my room is teeny tiny and it’s stupid how often I misplace stuff in there, I’ve lost two seam rippers recently).  Without the facing I couldn’t carry on (the pattern piece was attached to it so I couldn’t cut another one) so that got thrown aside and more projects were planned but nothing worked on.  I did finish off the shirt I started before the death of the iron (and so far I love my new iron) but I haven’t uploaded those pictures yet so until then I will show you what I do have pictures of on my computer!

I had this fabric out for something else but decided at the very last second to make another Simplicity 2147 from it.  Again this has french seams and will require a tank top to be worn under it, but as it appears we aren’t getting Spring here in the UK let along any hint of summer approaching that will be fine.  The neck of this design is really wide, pattern companies assume that larger women have line backer shoulders obviously.  If I use this pattern for a fabric that doesn’t require a tank top under it I will make sure to narrow it by at least an inch each side.  I really like this pattern though and I have loved this fabric since I bought it (over 5 years ago) so it’s nice to have it hanging in my wardrobe instead of in the stash.

Another pair of pjs for Jim.  I messed up the sleeve length of these.  I didn’t have enough fabric for full length so decided to do short sleeves but rather than doing anything sensible like measuring or comparing a short-sleeved pattern to what I was doing I just randomly cut and ended up with elbow length sleeves.  Jim apparently likes them as he won’t let me change them so I have to face my error over and over again.  This was Kwik Sew Sewing for Children trousers and Simplicity 2134 top.  I’m done with the Simplicity pattern, I just don’t get along with it at all and I managed to locate the next size up in my favourite Kwik Sew Pattern (1556 is the smaller sizes, 1557 the larger) so I will make the final summer pair using that and probably throw this pattern into the bag for the charity shop.

Finally for today another Lisette pattern.  This pattern has convinced me that Lisette patterns are sized differently from the measurements on the pattern envelope for the larger sizes.  I always double-check the finished measurements of garments to decide how I want something to fit rather than going with just the size and almost all the Lisette patterns I have made to date have come up smaller than the pattern says they will.  This should have fit me with several inches ease and instead it is like a sausage casing.  I haven’t read anyone else complaining about this which is why I’m assuming it’s the larger sizes that have the issues as I’ve not seen any of the Bloggers I follow who are a similar size to me making these patterns.

Anyway, this is Simplicity 1878 and it is supposed to be a mini-dress.  As I would not be caught dead in a dress that short and didn’t have enough fabric for the longer version I took 6″ off the bottom of the pattern and made a tunic instead.  The only other change I made to the pattern was to not do a lapped zip as I have terrible luck with those, I think my invisible zip came out fine and it certainly required less swearing.

I like the style of this and the shaping, it’s very similar to many of the vintage tunic patterns I’ve used.  I seem to have a thing for necklines like this too even though I hate sewing the damn things, getting into the dot evenly on both sides can be a real pain but this one came out really well.

This picture also shows the seamlines and top stitching on the front which are a little lost in this fabric, I probably should have gone with a green thread rather than the white if I’d been concerned with really making it stand out.

So, that was my sewing up until the start of April.  I have knitted FOs to show as well, I don’t seem to have lost my knitting mojo which is good.  In fact I have been feeling a real urge to pick up speed and get some of the large number of garments I have yarn stashed for actually made.  It’s nice to be finishing something that’s for sure!


One thought on “Catch Up

  1. I find the Lisette tunic-type patterns to be quite “figure-skimming”, and that’s in small-end sizes. But because I am not “Simplicity-shaped” I always check the size of the pattern pieces before I cut. I still haven’t worn my Portfolio pants as they feel strangely “shrunken” even though they are “the right size”. Well done for getting back to sewing! I find once I get going, there’s no stopping me, but getting going can be an effort sometimes. That spotty top is fab!

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