Me Made May 2012 Final Days

So, I’m a little behind in doing my MMM12 round-up as we went on holiday right at the very end of May for 4 nights.  My Mum and I took the boys to Northumberland and we all had a really good time, I think we came home far more worn out and in need of a break than when we went, but luckily the boys have a 2 week half term this year so we will have time to recover before we have to get back into the swing of things!

The final days of MMM12 looked a little something like this:

Cardigan – Summer’s End, August 2011

Shirt – New Look 6937, March 2011

Cardigan – Mia, May 2012

Shirt – Scout Woven Tee, May 2012

Shirt – Simplicity 2059, March 2012

Shirt – Simplicity 4589, May 2011

Cardigan – Phildar, January 2007

Shirt – Simplicity 2702, April 2010

Skirt – New Look 6811, July 2010

Shirt – Simplicity 7181 1975, June 2011

T-shirt – Renfrew, May 2012

Shirt – Scout Woven Tee, May 2012

(this is what you get when you ask a 9 year old to take a picture of you…)

This was the first of these Me Made events that I’ve taken part in where I’ve not attempted to not repeat a garment.  Not that I actually repeated that many of them in the end, but it did feel odd the few times I wore something that I’d already worn during the month!  So, the usual ‘what did I learn’ stuff.  Really, I need to make more long sleeve between season stuff.  I have either wintery or summery clothes and nothing that really works for the miserable but not winter weather we had for the vast majority of May.  I will be doing the Renfrew t-shirt a few more times I am sure and I could do with making some skirts or trousers that aren’t cotton and don’t require higher temperatures to wear them, some cardigans that actually co-ordinate with shirts I’ve made would be a bonus too.  However, as I’m in the process of trying (and actually succeeding which is nice) to lose weight I don’t want to sew too many things that I won’t wear for long, which means more months of jeans and shop bought trousers.  I do have a dress or two that I want to make which will work for changes in weight.  I own a boat load of shirts that I’ve made, I didn’t even really make a dent in them during May and also I didn’t dig out all of my knitwear either so there were lots of things that haven’t been out of the cupboard in ages and ages which I must begin to wear more regularly.  I have parted with many Me Mades over the years for various reasons but after 8 years of almost constant sewing and knitting I have still got quite a lot to work with and wear.  I know all those who make their own clothes say it, but I must make more of an attempt to fill gaps in my wardrobe rather than just sewing whatever it bright and colourful and takes my fancy.  I don’t mean boring stuff, I have no issue with buying plain t-shirts and jeans, no reason to make them when they can be so reasonable to purchase and knits and denim are so expensive to buy for sewing, but I am sure I can make more things that I need rather than want from fabric I already have stashed.

I enjoyed the month although I was too busy to really get that involved even with the Flickr group (I don’t do Facebook, it gives me rage).  It is nice to have some interaction and to hear what others think of what you’ve done and to compare your FO’s and fabric with other’s.  I’ve got a few new blogs to follow and I hope I may have gained a few more readers myself along the way.  I want to get back to blogging more (I’m sure I’ve said that 330 time before) and also to sewing more regularly.  If nothing else, MMM12 got me back into the sewing room with 3 new tops making their way into rotation, not hard makes but after so long of not making a thing it was refreshing and fun to get something done.  I’ve also been making a big effort on my knitting WIP list, so things are happening, I’m just using my spare time to do them rather than write about them I guess!

Thanks for all the nice comments and support during May!


One thought on “Me Made May 2012 Final Days

  1. Love your yellow cardigan!
    I could never have worn something different every day, but I was surprised when I realised I kept going back to the same few items. Like you, I plan to sew some Renfrew tops, and I need more cardigans. Why are long sleeves so much less appealing to sew than short?

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