April Knits

Yes, you read that right, I’ve not posted about the things I finished knitting in April, I really need to get caught up!

First up is one of my favourite knits for a long time, lovely to knit and lovely to wear, even though it covers everything I wear with it with fuzz, maybe that will stop after its first wash.  Anyway, this is Atelier by the very talented Heidi Kirrmaier.  I seriously adore her patterns, in fact after I finished knitting this I cast on for another pattern of hers and I have several more in my queue including one that I have yarn for!

I used Kon-tiki for this, discontinued by Stylecraft.  I thought that the yarn was a black/grey marl until I started knitting with it and realised it was a grey/black/mainly brown marl.  I like the colour luckily and it looks grey enough to get away with wearing it with black.  I had an issue with the colours in the balls though, the first ball I knit turned out to be a totally different shade than all the rest so I had to start all over again.  I had enough yarn without having to use that ball anywhere obvious so all was ok.  This is a really easy yarn to knit, I have 3 more projects worth stashed.  It also washes ok (I will hand wash in future as Summer’s End is looking a little ratty after going through the machine a few times) and is that elusive not too hot not too cold that I’m always searching for.  The acrylic in it makes it soft to wear too which is nice.

It looks like a really simple construction but it’s actually quite interesting which makes it fun to knit.  You knit the yoke and then the sleeves.  After you’ve sewn the seam on the sleeves you pick up stitches around the little bolero you’ve made and knit downwards.  The front is angled slightly which gives it the nice drape as you can see above there is a section of rib on the back to add even more shape.

With the few rows of garter stitch after picking up the stitches you’ve got a really pretty feature.  Also something I love is the pockets, they’re at exactly the right point and as they’re done in garter stitch you can stuff things in them.  A big bonus is that they’re deep enough to actually use.  Often pockets on knitwear (as with sewn garments too it seems) the pockets are more for looks than for stuffing your mobile phone and car keys into while on the school run.

So, basically I adore this cardigan and I am on the lookout for a specific kind of limey/yellowey/citrusey shade to make it again!

Atelier was a quick obsessive knit so I followed it up by finishing off something that I’d done half of and then abandoned for no discernible reason.  This is The Seaweed Cardigan made using another discontinued yarn, Sirdar Just Soya.

This was an easy knit and the yarn is lovely to work with (the discontinued ones always are!).  I actually got the yarn for free from a lovely Raveller who answered my plea for some on the forums.  I had bought a pattern that called for the yarn but couldn’t find it anywhere online and the shop I got the pattern from was charging £3 odd a ball which I can’t afford to pay.  Anyway, the Raveller in question sent me much more than I needed for the pattern and by the time I got around to knitting it I had gone off the other pattern anyway but found this one from an old issue of Interweave Knits.

Favourite thing about this?  There’s a seam down that side, finally I seem to be able to sew up without making a hash of it!  After seeing how the stitch count was off for the sleeve bands (they so often are on Sirdar patterns for some reason and the company will only forward the question/issue to the designer who, in my experience, will just ignore it and never reply), I went with my own count on the front band.  The ribs don’t match up but I can live with it.

The only problem with the cardigan is that as the yarn is so soft, like bamboo, I don’t believe it will hold a blocking which means the pattern won’t stay as open as it should be.  I also think it’s going to pill.  Besides that I love it, but have absolutely nothing to wear it with except a black t-shirt of some description, I don’t normally knit or wear this kind of colour.

Next up was a quick  bright palate cleanser, I love a good simple shawlette to break things up a bit and this one fit the bill to a t.  The pattern is Trillian and the yarn was one of my many Yarntopia Treasures 100% Bamboo, this colourway is called Glitter. (I have another large order on my way from YT, I treat myself every few months!)

The centre of the shawl is garter stitch and there is simple fishnet lace on the edge, you knit from one point making it wider as you go and then when you have a certain percentage of your yarn left you knit the fishnet lace on the final side.  This gives it a long odd shape but also makes it really interesting.

I only made one change to the pattern (besides mine being a bit bigger because I had more yarn than the pattern called for so I kept going) and that was to knit the same width fishnet lace on the final side as the other edge, for some reason the pattern calls for a row more which my brain would just not have been able to live with.

I love this shawl, it’s bright, it’s soft and it was easy and fun to knit, can’t really ask for much more from a simple shawlette…

And finally, another short sleeve cardigan to add to my ever growing collection.

This is Streamside, finally using up some Mission Falls 1824 cotton I’ve had in my stash for what feels like forever.  I had tried to use the yarn for many different projects only to be thwarted by gauge or not enough yardage.  I actually have a couple of balls left over after this that I can use for accessories but at least it’s not the big bag I’ve had to stare at for years!

It looks pretty plain from the front but it has ribbed triangular sections that create some shaping and interest.  The yarn is quite textured so that adds to it as well I think (hope!).

The only change I made was to do buttons all the way down.  The pattern has them stopping a few inches from the bottom and I felt that I would always think my belly was hanging out!

I have no idea what my teenage self was thinking when she bought so many of these buttons (10, what did she have in mind for 10 buttons??) that I’ve held onto all these years for some reason but I thanked her when I pulled them out and had more than enough for this.  I like that they’re not bright but they’re not plain and dull, it gives a bit of interest to it I think.  This was a really quick knit, 2 weeks from cast on to final button sewn on. We’ve not had weather warm enough to wear this really but I hope it will come in handy if we ever should get more summer weather.

So, that’s it for April!  I had 3 knit FO’s in May, so you can see how I’ve been spending my time when I’ve not been sewing!  Back with more soon!


One thought on “April Knits

  1. Wow! You are productive! I wish I had the same knitty stamina – I really struggle with garment-sized pieces. Yarntopia? Off to Google it! 😉

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