Behind Again…

I am still sewing and knitting away but I just don’t seem to be able to keep up with the posting, it takes away from the limited time I have to make things!  Anyway, these are the things I have pictures of on my computer at the moment, I know there are more on my camera and I will endeavour to get those posted sooner rather than later!

First up is the Callie Bib Tee which I had been working for what felt like forever.  I bought the yarn for it when the magazine it’s from was new out which means that it was in my stash for about 2 years before I even cast on.  Then it took me almost 11 months to make it…  I used Patons DK cotton which is really hard on the hands at the best of times, but considering that I had carpel tunnel in both hands it’s not really a surprise that it was slow going for me, or that I found my knitting not to be as neat as usual.  I made a lot quicker progress on it once I had had surgery on my right hand (left hand will be done in August) and then stalled when it came to the bib…

A good steam blocking under a wet tea towel took care of the rolling edges and evened out the stitching a little, I think it will even out a bit more after its first wash.  I seem to have different tension for purl rows than knit, it shows up more in 100% cotton than in a  blend.  I’m going to wait and see if it still happens after my hand is fixed before deciding whether to do anything about it, I’ve read of people using a different size needle for the purl row to sort the problem but for now it’s not so bad that it bothers me too much, it’s just something I notice and it usually does block out.

Anyway, the bib part.  I cast on for the first one about three times and could not for the life of me figure out the pattern.  The instructions give you one row of pattern and then tell you to carry on with the lace rib (which is a 4 row pattern), on top of that vagueness the bib increases by about 10 stitches in the first 4 rows and then by a stitch in every other row until you have the right number of stitches before decreasing again at the neckline.  My brain had issues with figuring out the lace pattern even though I’d done it for the ribbing on the rest of the jumper and it took a great deal of concentration, note taking and swearing to finally get it right.  Once I’d got it written out row by row I finally got the hang of it.  I’ve knit some pretty complicated lace in my time and never had issues like this with something before so it was incredibly frustrating.

It sewed in much more neatly than I was expecting which was nice after fighting with it!  The buttons are from my bottomless button box and I’ve had them a while as they’re shell and I haven’t bought shell buttons since I went vegan 8 years ago!  I didn’t bother with buttonholes, I mean how often am I really going to need to unbutton this?  I originally sewed the top one shut but it was a little tight on my neck so I took it off and sewed it so the top was open which I think looks ok.

I’m really happy with the way it came out, I was pretty down on it during the time I was making it and just got it done to get it off my WIP list and out of the way as it was making me feel guilty sitting there.  It also fits quite well, although with the rain and cold I’ve not worn it yet as I have an outfit in mind which involves a skirt and sandals and not wearing a long sleeve t-shirt under it, maybe next week will be warmer (my constant mantra this ‘summer’…).

A simple sewing project to wrap up the post.  The boys and I went through their clothes and the box of clothes under Jim’s bed with things waiting to be grown into and we sorted out what they need and what was too small etc.  Piggle only had one pair of jogging bottoms and my boys like to wear them after school to relax in the house so I whipped him up a second pair which got worn the day after completion!

Everything was in the stash already and the pattern is a single piece so dead easy.  I’ve used this pattern before for him (he’s the next size up now, I think there are 2 more sizes for him to grow through), it’s Simplicity 8946 which dates from 1978.  The sweatshirt fleece is nice and thick and very soft on the inside, I only had a small piece so I needed to use it for him soon or it would have been only suitable for shorts!

When I was in my sewing room today I thought to myself that I really should get going with the boy’s summer pyjamas.  Then I realised that this is actually summer and I’ve made them already.  Feels like they should be wearing winter ones though (and some nights they do, the summer duvets are still stored away, far too cold at night for them).  I will hold off on the next set of flannel pyjamas though as they’re both having a bit of a growth spurt at the moment and I don’t want to make them and only have them last half the winter.  I’m excited to work on them though as I have some cracking flannel (robots, sharks, monkeys, not all on the same fabric!) ready to go.

And finally, speaking of fabric and pyjamas, I bought a yard of Cars cotton (with the cartoon film characters on it) for pyjama bottoms for Piggle for next summer.  Showed it to him and he was happy with it, washed it and stuck it in the stash.  A few nights later when we were getting clean pyjamas out of the drawer he said he didn’t want to wear any of the ones in there, he wanted to wear his Cars pyjamas!  He obviously likes me making things for him still, but I don’t approve of the sweatshop conditions he’d have me working in!


2 thoughts on “Behind Again…

  1. Oh well done for persevering with the bib lace – it was worth it! I get so frustrated with Sirdar patterns for doing this “continue the stitch pattern while increasing evenly every 3rd row” malarkey and gave up on a baby cardigan when I couldn’t get my head around how to make it work. Grrr….
    And I am so glad your boys appreciate your work. My son came a cross a phot of himself aged 3 the other day and asked me what I thought I was doing dressing him in such “crazy-ass” clothes! Make the most of it while they are too young to complain! 😉

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