Does It Fit Yet?

Over the years I’ve made many a thing that doesn’t fit me, very rarely are things too large sadly, normally it’s too tight or too short or too something else that means that I can’t wear it right away.  Other times I have tried to encourage myself to lose the weight of two pregnancies (I didn’t lose much between the two) by making things I loved in a size smaller than I was.  All of these projects, along with things that fit at some point but didn’t fit any more, have been collected into a really big suitcase which has sat in my cupboard waiting for the day I would finally do something about it.

In February I started Weight Watchers using their online version as I’m not much of a group joiner and I didn’t want to go to meetings where they wouldn’t really be able to give me much advice on what to eat with my being vegan.  I have steadily been losing weight and have just passed the 25lb off mark and am determined to keep it going this time.  Sadly I still have a really long way to go and no one has really noticed the difference which shows how big I was to start with!  Also I’m generally wearing a lot of the same clothes, they just fit me better, so that probably hides the fact that I’m getting smaller underneath them.  Something that I really enjoy doing is opening the suitcase (which is now living at the end of my bed as a reminder rather than being hidden away) and trying everything on to see how far I’ve gone and what I can now wear.

Things have have recently been worn for the first time include:

(made December last year)

(made August 2011, vintage pattern)

(made June last year)

(I made 3 or 4 of these t-shirt refashions in 2011)

 (made January 2010)

Burda 8075

(this dress is from way back in 2008, I have taken a few inches off the length and changed the buttons since this picture)

There are more summer clothes in my wardrobe like skirts and a few sun-dresses waiting for any sign of decent weather to get worn again or for the first time.  It’s very exciting to finally be able to wear all these things, and without having to make a trip to the shops to buy anything!

If you’d like to see what these makes look like actually being worn I am still keeping a daily blog (I tend to update it in batches rather than daily though) of what I wear over at What finallywakingup Wore.  A lot of the time it’s repetitive, although I’m trying not to live in my jeans constantly.  It’s really helpful to see what gets the most use so I can make more of them and what really doesn’t suit me so I can either alter it or pass it onto someone else.  I’ve also been making an effort since Me Made May to carry on wearing something I’ve made each day if possible.

I’ll update you with what has been newly retrieved from the suitcase as progress continues!


4 thoughts on “Does It Fit Yet?

  1. Good for you! If you’ve noticed a difference, that’s all that matters. And you’re getting a whole new wardrobe at the same time.

  2. Congratulations! You will get there and people probably have noticed but it’s not the sort of thing people talk about. I’m fortunate to be genetically blessed in the body type department but all my sister-in-laws have similar battles and it’s tough!
    I did go nuts on ‘bootcamps’ when my second was 2. Mainly to ‘find’ myself those few years were my ‘lost years’, I didn’t lose an ounce which was fine but dropped 6 BMI points somehow and felt happier about life! I’ve also stopped eating bread this year as it gives me ulcers – 5kgs disappeared in 6 months!

  3. Wow – that is fantastic – it is so hard loosing weight – I have been trying for years and I really don’t want to be become a yo yo dieter – but I feel like I’m going that way – anyway – well done to you and it must feel great to be able to wear some smaller clothes and to feel more comfortable in your current clothes. Keep it up !

  4. Oh well done! Your suitcase sounds like a great motivator. How exciting to have new clothes already made, waiting for you! And the daily blog must be like a permanent MMM situation – always seeing what you really wear and assessing it – good plan!

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