Working Away

I had a bit of University work that needed finishing up but while I was trying to do it I was plagued by wanting to sew more squares for my quilt, so I snuck in a few here and there.  I seem to be able to remember and focus on a maximum of 4 combinations at a time, anything more than that and I forget what I’m trying to do.

So that’s 12 in total so far which is a quarter of what I need.  I’ve bought a few more Fat Quarters recently so I will start cutting again soon, I began to run out of combinations with what I had which is why I slowed down a little!

I would have shown these earlier but someone dug through the telephone cable and I was without phone and internet for a week.  Plus I am having my left hand carpel tunnel surgery tomorrow so I am trying to finish off my Olympic cardigan (will be done today no problem) and get as much sewing in as I can before I lose the use of my hand for a few days and can only sit on the sofa and watch the Olympics (not a chore!) or read for a while.

I have more to show but I will save that for when I can’t be making things!  July was really successful in terms of using up fabric but I still have a long way to go to break even on the in and out this year but I will keep trying!


One thought on “Working Away

  1. I was about to write “That pansy fabric is stunning!”… when I realised it is ALL pansy fabric! LOL
    I meant the purple one.
    Good luck with your op 🙂

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