Knitting in Brief

Typing is still a pain (literally!) since the operation so this will be a short update on the knitting I’ve finished recently.

This first project is actually not so recent, I finished it at the end of June but didn’t get around to blocking it for a few weeks.  It’s called Forest Beauty and was made using Yarntopia Treasures bamboo cotton sock in Hummingbird.

This is a really simple pattern and after the halfway point it gets shorter and shorter rows so it feels like you’re zooming along.  I did one less repeat of the pattern which was a good move as I wouldn’t have had anywhere near enough yarn despite the yardage being what the pattern called for.  I probably could have blocked this a little bit better but, let’s face it, it’s going to be screwed up around my neck anyway!

Next up is a project that has been on the needles hidden behind the sofa for literally years now.  I got bored of seeing it there so pulled it out and spent an hour finishing it off, yep, just an hour, why do I put things off like that?!?

This is knit with 10 balls of yarn at the same time using 25mm needles.  I just did stocking stitch for what felt like long enough and then cast off and it is now living beside my bed brightening up a very dull brown carpet.  I used up yarns that I otherwise would have just given to the charity shop (some came from a very disappointing swap I took part in years back and others were leftovers from things I’d made).  I think I’d intended to make more of a runner than a mat but I decided to just get it done and I’m really happy with the results.

Finally is my Olympic project, Goodale.  As I said I had originally intended to make a long sleeve longish striped cardigan during the games and then I realised I had just under a week due to the surgery on my hand so I swapped down to something faster.  I finished this in the time I had with ease, in fact a few nights I worked on other things instead for a change!

The pattern is really well written and easy to follow.  I added 8 rows to the bottom for a tiny bit more length and did the neck finish on smaller needles picking up less stitches than called for as it was a bit baggy for my liking.  I used 6 balls of Rowan Purelife DK Organic Cotton in Yellowood from Kemps clearance so it wasn’t too expensive either!  The buttons are from Boyes and I really like them on this, I wanted something interesting but still plain enough that I could wear it with a variety of things.  This cardigan is very drapey as the yarn calls for 3.75 mm needles and I knit it with 4.5 mm to get gauge, but I think it works.  I’m hoping with a bit of hanging and over time the folded front pockets will hang a little better.

So that’s the knitting up to date, quite a bit of sewing pre-op to show you soon!


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