A Few More FO’s

Still trying to catch up with things I’ve made in the past, I think these are the end of it.

First up a quick Renfrew using a nice synthetic knit I got from a local shop.  It’s been floating near the top of the stash catching my eye for a while so I decided to use it for the long sleeve scoop neck version of the pattern.

I don’t think this pattern needs any more comment, I did make one change and took off an inch from the sleeve length as they just seemed too long and I was right to do it, besides that it’s sewn as is.

I was surfing around the ‘tinternet and found a bag on an Esty shop that said it was made from a pattern I’d not heard of so I clicked over to the designers blog and hey presto I very quickly owned the Go Anywhere Bag pattern (it’s a download).  I also knew right away which fabrics from my stash I wanted to make it from.  Luckily I had also purchased 2 metres of medium weight interfacing from Abakhan so I was ready to go.

The blue fabric is a medium weight denim that I’ve had for yonks and seem to have bought about 10 metres of as it’s never ending and the dots is a cotton poly I bought locally quite cheaply and will try and buy some more of if it’s still there when I next go to the shop.  I interfaced the lining and the exterior pieces and the lining pieces of the pockets to make sure it kept a good shape and I’m really happy with the weight and stiffness of it.

The back pocket is the whole side of the bag and has a magnetic snap to hold it shut (the top of the bag also has a magnetic snap).

The three front pockets are big enough to stuff a water bottle, sunglasses, phone etc in.  The sewing to separate these pockets is the only bit I’m not happy with as it pulled a bit but I couldn’t see any other way to sew it that would avoid that so I will live with it.  The pleats mean the pockets are a nice size too, sometimes bag pockets are just useless and too small for anything.

Finally, there is an inside pocket that I separated so it holds a pen on one side.

This pattern went together really well and I love the way it came out.  I’m thinking in the back of my mind about whether I have any other fabric that might work for this so I can make another one soon…

So, last up are more quilt squares.  I am now half way through having made 24.  I am going to need more pansy fabric still and I’m starting to think about the backing and binding as well as looking at tutorials on You Tube on how to square a quilt block as some of mine are a little wonky!  I’m still really enjoying making these and they were all I could really manage with the big bandage on my hand.  Now that’s off I can pretty much sew what I want as long as I don’t twist my hand or press on the stitches, I can also knit again, although not at full speed, but hell, after a week of no knitting at all I’ll take what I can get!

As there are so many colours and styles of pansies here I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to use on the back.  I’m going to use a light purple for the binding from Kona that’s called ‘pansy’ which seems fitting.  I was contemplating a large 1″ square check gingham for the backing but it would have worked out at £64!!!  Hopefully I will know the perfect fabric when I see it, at least it’s not a chore to look for it!


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