So Nice I Made It Twice!

I decided to take a break from the dress for a few days to clear my head and think about what I want to do with it so I pulled out the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern by the same company.  I had wanted this pattern for ages but the price was a bit high, apparently I no longer see high prices as such an issue!

I tried and tried to find fabric that I could use for it but all the pieces I wanted to try seemed to be too short.  This project is a bit of a fabric hog, even the shorter shirt version that I made.  I do like tunics but I’m a bit too short and wide for them, they just don’t seem to work that well on me.  At some point I will take this pattern and add a bit of length to the tunic version for a dress though as I think that would look fab.

So, I found this Ikea fabric that I’ve had for years with no plan for it and got cutting.  It’s a very simple shirt to make and only took a couple of hours start to finish.


This version is exactly the right length for me and I love the way the fabric works with it, I am really really pleased with it.

So, I did what we all do, I found another length of fabric and got to work again!  The second version took a little longer as it has french seams but it still was pretty speedy.

The fronts don’t quite match as well as they should but this fabric is quite delicate and I wasn’t taking the seam ripper to it for anyone!  Here’s a close-up of the fabric, the dragonflies are actually sort of mesh so it’s see through, but with the front opening you have to wear a tank top or t-shirt under this anyway so it didn’t matter.  Can’t remember where I found this fabric, it was either Fabric Land in Brighton or Boyes locally.

I’m looking forward to wearing these.  They’re just the kind of style that I’ve been looking for, interesting even with jeans and not dull and boring like a t-shirt.  They are pretty all-season as well depending what I wear under them or over them.  I will be using this pattern a lot more but not again until I can wear the next size down!

I did another 4 of my quilt squares today as I really want to crack on with this project.  I have found and ordered the backing fabric and also ordered the batting for it so it’s ‘just’ another 20 squares to go now!

I think I have enough fabric now to finish it off, the above 2 are more Liberty prints that I found.  I think the one on the right might actually be violets rather than pansies but close enough!  I still like making these and I just need to make sure I keep mixing the fabrics in new combinations and I’ll be there soon.  I’ve started thinking about how I will quilt it too, I’m thinking I might stitch in the ditch around each star, centre panel and the outside of each square.  I’m not quite ready to try freehand quilting yet and I don’t want straight lines back and forth, going around each section would be a step forward from the easy quilting I did last time around!

Knitting is very slow here, I just haven’t gotten into the habit of it again after the operation.  What I have done is neater than it was before the op though so that’s an improvement.  I’m tempted to start something new to try to get myself going again but doing a tension square is putting me off, also what I’m thinking of doing requires 4mm needles and I don’t think I own a third pair!  I’ll get there in the end, I won’t be sewing as much once the boys go back to school and I hit the books again and I use knitting as a quick break while I’m working (15 minutes work then 2 rows!) so things move along quicker then.

Hopefully more to show you soon, I want to get the dress done by the end of the month so I’ll have to make some decisions and get on with it soon!


3 thoughts on “So Nice I Made It Twice!

  1. You HAVE been busy! I am definitely with you on using a (pricey!) pattern lots of times if it “works” for you. Your two versions look completely different – I especially like the dragonfly one 😀
    I still haven’t dug out my unquilted quilt to finish it…

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