Back to School Catch Up

The boys went back to school this morning so the house is very quiet!  So far today I’ve been to the hairdressers so I can see and my hair is all one shade again and after I’ve updated here I will have some lunch and then hit the sewing room again for a few hours before picking them up.  I’ve given myself the rest of this week off and I’ll be back to the books next week so I want to get as much sewn from my list as I can before my sewing time dwindles away to evenings and weekends again.

I managed to sew 12 3/4 yards/metres in August which doesn’t sound like that much but isn’t too shabby.  I will do better with September as the quilt will go into this month and it used a huge amount of fabric.  I did manage to take some time and reorganise the stash slightly so the fabrics I use most often are near the front.  I do appear to be running low (for me) on cotton prints but I have a lifetime supply of knits which is unusual as it’s normally the other way around, I guess there will be more t-shirts and suchlike in my future!

I finished off all the blocks for the quilt, these are the last 10

It’s actually now completely assembled and quilted, I am just waiting for some thread to arrive and then I will bind it (I live 12 miles from my nearest place to buy thread so it was easier to order it online).  I got a tad obsessed with the quilting and did it in 3 days which gave me very stiff shoulders from shifting it around all the time.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out and hopefully will be able to show you the finished item by the end of the week!

I haven’t finished the dress but I did work out what I need to do in a very late night sewing in my underwear session so now I just need to sew the seams where I’ve basted them, fix the back neckline and hem it and then I can show you that too.  It’s a little tighter than I would like so it will take a bit more dieting before I’ll wear it regularly but I really do like the way it came out.  My only worry is that I have no idea how to wear it for winter.  It’s dark blue, is it acceptable to wear it with black tights and shoes/boots with a black cardigan over it?  I don’t wear a lot of blue and when I started making it I intended to wear it in warmer weather (not that we’ve had much this year) with white trainers…

My other finished object is this cushion which makes me smile whenever I see it.

I used this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew and I will be making a few more of these in the nearish future!  I was in two minds about using the fabric I chose for the back as I really adore it and didn’t want to use it all up so I ordered myself another piece!  The hardest bit of this was the buttons, my knot on the back kept pulling through the fabric so I had to sew through it in the end when attaching the back button and it’s not quite sunk in as far as I’d like, I will have to work on my technique for that next time around.  The outside is white baby cord which may have not been the best choice for a house with 2 young boys and cats, someone apparently also loves the pillow as he’s changed his sleeping place from the sofa to the chair where the pillow is currently residing…

Needless to say the cushion is now white with a touch of black cat fur…

Jim is still asking over and over when his quilt will be made so that’s the next one I will be working on for sure.  I am still waiting on 2 parcels to arrive from America with the final bits of fabric for it.  I paid the customs fee on the first one today, including the disgusting £8 handling charge, so that should be here in the next few days anyway.  I also have the fabric for a quilted advent calendar like I’ve wanted to have for years with little pockets on it for each day that I’ll probably work on alongside Jim’s as I’m excited to have a go at it, it involves apliqueing lots of small numbers on so it’ll be a challenge!  After that there’s still my owl quilt that all the fabric is here for and I’ve planned a quilt for Piggle as well so he doesn’t feel left out but I will slowly collect the fabric for that as it’s not going to happen immediately with all these other projects on the go!

Knitting has been incredibly slow, mainly because I’ve been sewing so I’ve not touched it.  I imagine that it will pick up when I’m more tired in the evenings from having read all day.

Right, best get going with the lunch or I’ll not have any time at all to sew today.  School days always seem like they last a long time but they are shorter than they seem!


3 thoughts on “Back to School Catch Up

  1. Cute cushion! “Acceptable” to wear blue and black? What is this? The fashion police?! The way I see it: denim goes with everything including black… and denim is blue, therefore blue goes with everything including black! 😉

  2. Becky says:

    I agree – wear what you like and damn the fools who judge ! Anyway blue and black are just fine together especially in the winter ! I totally love that cushion – I adore that gnome fabric you have used I seem to remember you using that for a pair of pj’s for one of your boys a while ago and I loved it then and love it still. Happy sewing x

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