I was hoping to finish off my quilted advent calendar today as I just having the binding left, but I seem to have a migraine for some unknown reason (it being on its way could explain my being asleep by 9.30 last night..) so it may have to wait, we’ll see how I feel later.

Sitting behind me while I sew are the fabrics for Jim’s quilt so I thought I’d show you what I’ll be working with.  It will also be nice to have a record of the fabrics in case I want to know what one is later on, once I’ve cut off the name I tend to forget!  This is the pattern I will be using and these are the fabrics.

Top left to right:

Letters on Cream – Punctuation, Moda

Red Letters – Summersville, Moda

Blue Spaceships – Children at Play, Michael Miller

Spaceships – Space Rockets, Mahower

Cartoon Cars – Can’t find a name for this or remember where I bought it, feels like it might be organic

Retro Cars – Monoluna for Birch

Dark Blue Elephants – no name on it and got it from Ebay so no idea!

Light Blue Elephants – Urban Circus, Robert Kaufman

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Tents – Dear Stella

Caravan Camping – Circa 60, Monoluna Organic for Birch

Foxes – Fox Hollow, Monoluna Organic

Green Foxes – Fox Hollow, Monoluna Organic

Bunting – Reunion, Moda

Blue Flags – Pirate Flags, Alexander Henry

Bikes on White – Children at Play, Michael Miller

Bikes on Teal – Go By Bike, Velocity

Trees – Backyard Baby, Michael Miller

Buildings – City Night Scene, Velocity

Light Numbers – Numeri Piccoli, Michael Miller

Dark Numbers – Robert Kaufman

And the backing and main fabrics are:

Weave – Bella by Lotta Jansdotter- I will be using this instead of plain fabric as Jim and I prefer a bit of pattern!

Chevrons – Riley Blake C240 (half the back, chevrons run the length of the fabric)

Ant Maze – Backyard Baby, Michael Miller (the other half of the back

Windmills – Children at Play, Michael Miller (binding)

As you might have noticed I picked the fabrics for the front in pairs.  The only 2 that aren’t a matching pair but more an contrasting pair are the trees and the city print.

There’s going to be a whole lot of cutting going on for this one but the construction is similar to the way the advent calendar is put together (which makes sense as the patterns are by the same person!) so it shouldn’t be too hard to manage.  Still contemplating how I will quilt it after my first adventure in free motion quilting which I’ll discuss when I post the finished project.

And don’t worry those of you who aren’t so much into the quilting, I’ve almost finished a knitting project and I have 3 garments that I want to make quite soon so there will be other things to look at besides quilts, promise!


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