Operation End of Year Tidy Up

It seems that when I get to this point in the year I always look at my knitting in projects and just want to chuck the lot of it into bags and move onto something new.  However, as I’ve discovered that even in bags my knitting haunts me and I get all antsy at the thought of having so much on the go I will be repeating my now almost annual project of getting as much as I can off the needles by the end of the year so I can start over with a clean slate.

I’ve done a lot better this year at keeping my list of WIPs short and not allowing myself to go on casting on benders like I have in the past.  I have tried to keep my list to a pair of socks, a piece of lace, a patterned garment and a plain garment so I always have a variety of things to work on and don’t get too bored. It’s funny how with my sewing I loathe having more than one thing on the go at once and usually work from start to finish on a project, but with my knitting and crochet I like more variety, maybe because it’s a slower craft.

I feel like I’ve not achieved much knitting this year but looking at my Ravelry page I’ve completed 16 projects which actually isn’t too bad.  It’s funny after last year’s sock extravaganza that I have only one completed pair of socks so far this year, I guess I got a little burned out churning out a pair a month!

So, here are the projects currently under way, more than the allotted 4 as I did slip and cast on a few extra things, that I would like to finish before December 31st.  It’s totally doable if I concentrate and keep working even when I get to the annoying finishing bits.  We’ll start with the oldest and work our way forwards shall we?

Granny Stripe Blanket

I started crocheting this in February 2011 and it has sat undisturbed for long periods of time.  I have to watch my hands while I crochet which means I either have to listen to my MP3 player or have something on tv I can just listen to (as a side note, I wish I could find somewhere to get audiobooks for my Sony Walkman MP3, it’s not covered by Audible and I’ve not seen any free sites with things I’d like to listen to.  A novel or two would see this blanket quickly completed I’m sure).  I’m on the third of 4 repeats so if I really sit down and get going this shouldn’t be an issue.  It’s nicer to work on during colder weather anyway, who wants to be covered by a blanket in the middle of summer (even the miserable summer we have just had)?


Cotton Jeans

Oh Grenadine, why have I abandoned you so?  I cast on for this Twist Collective pattern way back in December 2011.  I have the back and half a sleeve done and I just have not found the motivation to work on it.  I love the yarn, Rowan Cotton Jeans, I love the colour and I love the pattern, I just don’t feel the love needed to sustain working on this cardigan for some unknown reason.  This is probably the project that has the most work left in it so I should drag it out soon and make sure it gets some attention.  Knowing myself, however, it will be the one that I work on last after finishing the stuff that has held my attention more.  What is it about certain projects that despite loving them you just can’t seem to get them done?

Long Brown Cardigan

I thought I’d been working on this forever but it turns out I only cast on for it in June.  I’m using Sirdar 8961 with Wash n’ Wear Crepe.  I am not certain I’m actually going to wear this much when it’s done, it may become an around the house cardigan, it’s just not the cardigan I was looking for and I have new hope for the perfect brown cardi with a pattern and yarn just waiting to get started.

There is a bonus with this knit though, I finished the back the other night and decided to start the fronts the next day.  When I went to put the back away in the project bag I discovered that I have already made the fronts even though I have absolutely no recollection of having done so!  I knew I’d done the sleeves but the fronts pieces were a total surprise.  So now I have a shawl collar and the front ribbing left to do and this will be complete.  I hate picking up stitches though and need to make sure I do it in daylight when I’m not tired so it may take a little while to get started on the finishing.

Basketcase Socks

Also from June are the second pair of socks to make it onto my needles this year.  I cast on and knit the ribbing and one pattern repeat and then put them down and never picked them up again.  In the last few days I’ve finished the cuff and turned the heel on the first sock.  I don’t think these will take too long now I’ve found the enthusiasm for them again as long as I get that second sock on the needles as soon as I’ve finished off the first one, delay could be deadly.

Cold Mountain

This is my lace project at the moment and the only project I am not going to attempt to finish by the end of the year.  It’s a huge stole which I started in July and is knit with incredibly thin yarn, actually the thinnest I’ve worked with so far.  I’ve not even finished the first chart yet so it would be stupid to even try to get it done really.  Once I’ve finished off some of the other things though it will return to living on my desk where I’ll work 2 rows here and there during breaks from my University reading, which is how I was making slow progress on it before.

I am loving making this and I only put it away as I was having the operation on my hand so there was no point it gathering dust out in the open.

King Cole 3528

Not a very attractive name for quite a cute top.  This was a slip, I really didn’t mean to cast on for it but couldn’t resist.  The yarn and pattern came from a local shop and it’s really not that hard.  I’m about a third of the way up the first piece but it’s got kimono short sleeves and when I actually work on it it does move quite quickly.  I’m actually looking forward to getting this out again as I am enjoying working with the Calico yarn.  If it washes well I have plans to buy more for another project.

Georgie Jumper

A baby jumper using up the leftovers from my Amelia cardigan.  No, I’m not, but my younger sister is and it’s due in January so the baby knitting has begun and the sewing will start soon too!  I love this jumper and it was a very fast knit.  All that’s left to do is the sewing up and neck ribbing.  I will try and get those bits done over the weekend so the first item can be crossed off the list.

My only allowance for a new project is another baby garment, I found a lovely cardigan for a newborn which I can make with some other leftover yarn I have.  If I make good progress and get a couple of other things checked off the list I will be casting on for that as it has a limited shelf life and should be quite quick as it’s tiny.

So, hopefully there will be a parade of finished knits (and a crochet blanket) for you to look at in the next few months.  I have so many things that I really want to cast on for (2 cardigans are practically begging, one of them is so blatant that there is a pattern, needles and a ball of yarn on the floor beside my desk…) so I have some motivation, hopefully enough not to give up half way through!


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